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Some stitch-along questions have come in and I thought I would answer them here.  I did a bigger post on this yesterday.  You can find it HERE. Judy at Patchwork Times , our other stitch-along host, did a post about it too.  You can find her’s HERE.  Judy was so great and put note in her sidebar about the stitch along for quick reference.  She’s more blog savvy and knows how to do that…I don’t.

We’re stitching the piece that says, “Blessed” in the bottom left-hand corner.

The Stitchery Nook in Osage Iowa is the place to order all of the supplies.  HERE is the exact link.  There is a drop-down box that will help you pick out the supplies you might need.  Please refer back to the original post where there is more info and specifics.

Here are some of the questions that have come about…  There are international stitchers who would like to stitch along.  I talked to Liz and she said for them to email or call the shop and they will take care of international orders that way.  Here is their email.
She also said people are welcome to go directly to Waxing Moon Design’s Etsy shop and download a PDF pattern.  You can find that link HERE.

Someone said they tried to order a pattern from The Stitchery Nook and it was out of stock.  Liz put in the wrong stock number was all that happened.  The patterns will not be out of stock as Jacki from Waxing Moon Designs lives within a couple of miles of The Stitchery Nook and she’ll just print and deliver more patterns.  One of the reasons we picked this design was we loved it and the other…we knew we’d be able to get patterns immediately and things wouldn’t go “out of stock”.  So if you got that message, just try again.  If you ordered the other stuff and the pattern wasn’t available, call the shop, and Sherry and Liz will get a pattern put in with your order.  Here is the shop number.  (641) 732-5329

A question came in wondering about the chart.  In the pattern, there are three individual charts.  We are stitching one of them.  If you love the other charts and want to stitch those, you are welcome to.  They come with the pattern, but, when you order the fabric, only enough fabric comes to stitch the ONE chart we are stitching together.  If you think you want more fabric to stitch the others, feel free to call The Stitchery Nook and I’m sure they will happily cut extra fabric for you for the other charts.

I got a question about ordering multiple kits.  A grandma wanted to make this a family project with her daughter and granddaughters.  The question was if there was enough floss to stitch more than one of the charts.  I’m taking a guess but I think one pack of floss could stitch the chart three times…so yes, you can totally share floss with a friend or family.

Someone has linen of their own and wants to stitch along…Sure you can stitch along.  They were wondering about what size of linen to cut… That would depend on what you’re stitching on.  The finished sizes are listed below.

28 count linen or 14 count Aida- 8.85″ x 2.85″
32 count linen or 16 count Aida- 7.75″ x 2.5″
36 count linen- 6.8″ x 2.22″
40 count linen-  6.2″ x 2″

DON’T cut at that size though.  You will need to add a minimum of 2″ on each side which actually means adding 4″ more to the width and 4″ more to the length.  If you have a bigger piece, I’d just stitch on it and cut it down later.

If you want to frame your finished piece, you might want to add more to the cut size.  If making a pillow, which I plan on doing, I’ll likely be cutting mine down after I’m done stitching.  I plan to do a tutorial for that so have no fear.

Also, the link to the hoop I use didn’t work.  I’ll try again. HERE is the link to the hoop I use.  Again, no hoop is needed but if you want to try hoop stitching, I recommend this one.  It is a Morgan hoop.  Some people use these for punchneedle as well.

I’ll answer other questions as they come in the comment section.  Judy and I have been chatting back and forth for the last couple of days.  Both of us are so excited about this.  We love getting messages from all of you saying you’re trying stitching again after 30 years away…or I’m buying a kit for my friend too…or I’m getting my daughter to stitch with me…or I’m trying linen for the first time…or even the comments that say, I’m a newbie and I’m going to have a LOT OF QUESTIONS.  We’re excited that you’re joining no matter your ability!


13 thoughts on “Stitch Along Questions…”

  1. Little “Miss In A Hurry” here (not mentioning any names) purchases the digital pdf through the Etsy link vs the hard copy pattern cuz she didn’t read the entire blog post. Well the joke is on me today, Jo! Oh well, now to purchase my linen (I’m one of the linen stitching newbies) and my floss. Good thing I waited on the hoop or I maybe would have purchased the wrong one! So looking forward to this SAL.

  2. I can’t wait to do this. I have done any stitching in 22 years. My last project was pillowcases for my late Grandmother.

  3. Kudos to you both for getting the idea, working out the details, and making it all so easy to order. I couldn’t resist! Blessings

  4. I’m joining in, too, Jo! Excited to learn from you and Judy. It’s been a long time since I cross stitched, but I’m ready to get back into the swing. Thanks for taking us on this journey.

  5. Thank you Jo and Judy for this fun project !!! I haven’t stitched on linen and would like to try it on this project. I haven’t done cross stitch for at least 30 years, although I still want to try linen. Let me know if this not such a good idea. What should I know about buying linen for the stitch along? Brand name, quality, etc. What shop, brick n mortar, etsy or online do you suggest? Thank you again !!!

  6. After I read your post yesterday I went immediately to the shop online and ordered everything I need. I’ll be doing mine on 18 count Aida and I have plenty of that. I was delighted to find that the shop had some floss I needed for a couple of other charts too. Thank you for cohosting this. It’s because of you and Judy that I started back up with cross stitch last year and I’ve been enjoying it so much. It’s been about 25 years for me and doing these stitch alongs increases the enjoyment factor. :)

  7. So glad you are doing this Jo. Looking forward to starting. Haven’t done any counted cross stitch in many many years. Kit ordered.

  8. Thank you Jo for cohosting this stitch along with Judy . It has been about 30 years since I cross stitched. I had always stitched on aida cloth. After seeing all of the beautiful heirloom pieces you have made on linen I just couldnt resist and ordered everything I need to give it a go. I’m so excited to get going with this and learn from you and Judy. Thank you for your daily dose of inspiration !!!

  9. I just ordered my kit and can’t wait to stitch along. I haven’t cross stitched in quite a few years, since I caught the quilting bug to be truthful. But I’m looking forward to trying linen instead of Aida cloth!

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