Stitch Along: Kind Words Never Die

I thought I would wait until the dust cleared from Christmas before I would announce the new stitch along. We picked something small, and circular and…totally doable.

The piece is so appropriate with all that is going on in the world today.

I plan to take lots of pictures and explain how to finish this yourself. A round finish isn’t hard at all.

The original was stitched on 40-count linen which is what I’ll be stitching mine on. The stitch count is 74 X 73. You can stitch it on any count of linen though…it will just make a bigger finished-sized piece.

I have some circular boxes and pieces in my basement “Frame Shop” that will likely work for finishing. I buy circular pieces for finishing whenever I find them for $1 or under at the thrift store. Then I stash them in my “Framer Shop” for times when I finish a piece like this.

The pattern is designed by Beth Twist. She’s the designer behind the label Heartstring Samplery.

With the tulips around the border, I thought it would be perfect for spring even though we are all wintery here in Iowa. The piece would look great sitting out year round too.

You can order now and Liz will start shipping on January 15th. We will start the stitch along on February 1st. How does that sound? That gives you plenty of time to plan, finish a late Christmas project, or get a good start on your New Year New Start project.

You’ll need the pattern if you don’t have it. Then you’ll need to pick floss. I’ll be using the called for Weeks Dye Works floss but the DMC would just fine as well. You only pick one or the other.

Then you’ll need to pick fabric. You only need to pick one. As usual, Liz has several different sizes and types for you to choose from…or you can just pick a leftover from your stash. It’s your stitch along so do what makes you happy. I think I might have a scrap of 40 count so I’ll likely use that up. That’s why I love small pieces. I can use my scraps of linen!!

HERE is the link to the shop so you can check it out and pick out whatever you want to order. Remember it won’t ship until January 15th.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Liz’s daughter also made scissor fobs/zipper pulls that you can put on your bag. The charm on it says, “Be Kind”. Perfect for the project!!

I’ve missed having a stitch-along piece so I’m excited to have one again!! I hope some of you will be stitching along with me!

Liz and I have been trying to figure out other pieces for stitch alongs…if you have something you’d like us all to stitch, please leave the suggestion in the comment section.

11 thoughts on “Stitch Along: Kind Words Never Die”

  1. Jo, I love your blog, and reading about your family. I started reading because of the quilts, but stay because I love hearing about your adventures. I think of you often, and pray for your continued health. I love reading about your family, the town, and your trips.
    And now, cross stitching! What fun! Just a quick question – have you heard of railroading cross stitching? Do you do it? I have tried it, but truly can’t see enough difference in my work to make it worth the time.

    1. Hi Jo, what a cute design! Love it! I have a suggestion for the next SAL, Winter Quaker by Primrose Cottage. They also have Autumn Quaker and Christmas Quaker. They are small designs that they finish into bowl pillows. All best wishes for the new year to you and your family.

    2. HI Caro…I have heard to it. I don’t do it. I don’t know that it applies to my stitching as I only use one strand of floss.

  2. This looks like I might be able to do it. I plan to check into doing it. In the meantime I plan to check the thrift stores for something round that I might want to use with it. Thank you for planning this.

  3. Donna NW Ind/Fl

    Hi Jo, I’m interested in this sew along! I was wondering if Liz carries the pie tin it’s pictured in? I love that look!! You’re in my prayers.

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