Still Working on Floors

I’m still working on my floors.  Oh my, it’s a lot of work.

I am loving the results but living like this is a little crazy.  Check out Rosie hanging out and watching me work…

My knees and back are starting to feel like it’s time to be done…my patience is too.  HERE is a link to the product I am using to fix the floors.

It looks so nice though.  Fingers crossed my patience can hold out. I just have to finish the living room and front entry.

I CAN FINISH THIS!!  I know I can.

Just a reward for my hard work, I ordered a new rug.  More about that when it gets here!!

29 thoughts on “Still Working on Floors”

  1. How do you keep the animals off the wet floor? With an older dog and 2 cats, I just can’t imagine being able to do our hardwood floors. They look way worse than yours do, too.
    I really admire your stamina in getting your floors done and they look beautiful!!

    1. Rose walked across it once. I ended up having to give her a bath. She hasn’t walked over one again. I do try to do it overnight so I’m working on the floors at 10:30 at night. I put Rosie in the kennel and they are dry in the morning.

  2. Carmen Montmarquet

    The floors are gorgeous Jo, awesome job! Can’t wait to see your new rug!
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family!

  3. You are doing a fantastic job on your floors. Keep up the good work time consuming and tiring but the results are worth it.

  4. From what I can see, your floors are now fantastic! But I understand why your body is saying ‘Enough!’ Get it done and then rest. Happy Easter Jo

  5. The floors looked wonderful! I can imagine how sore you may be after doing all the moving and cleaning. It is so worth it though (easy for me to say! haha). Looking forward to seeing the new rug. Your place really looks nice.

    1. They are beautiful! I know it’s hard work though. Just keep thinking how much you will enjoy them when all are done. Happy Easter!

  6. Kathryn Martin

    That sweet dog of yours is just so precious! Whet she is ‘posing’ in your pictures of quilts, she just makes me smile. What a good girl.

  7. Your floors look BEAUTIFUL! My back aches for you though. One of the “kids” will need to give you a massage.

  8. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

    Wow! Your floors have zING! They look great! You are doing a great job. Wish I would have been aware of this product as I would have loved to have done this on my floors. We have moved tho..great job.

  9. The wood in your house is priceless, just beautiful. You will enjoy the results of your hard work for a long time.

  10. Judith Fairchild

    Having watched my parents and older sisters and brothers completely redo the the downstairs floors in the big old house we lived in I know how much work goes into redoing the floors room by room the floors were stripped then room by by room new finish put on. They only put the finish on after all 7 of the younger kids were in bed. The results were beautiful. Your floor is even more so as you kept the antique look so well done. You deserve a vacation for that work.

  11. Wow Jo, the floors look amazing! No wonder your patience is waning though, if you have to do 3 coats! Just keep remembering, the end is close and you’ll have beautiful floors to show for it

  12. They’re beautiful, Jo. And I know it’s a lot of hard work. You’ll really be happy when they’re done. Maybe you can take a break, especially for your back and knees. :-)
    Love and prayers

  13. I would love to try that product. The previous owner splattered paint on the floors so I’d have to rent a sander to remove that first. Unless somebody knows a quicker way to remove paint and I’d love getting that information. Then I could use this Minwax product to do the floors. Yours look great!

  14. Well, your gorgeous floors have made it clear I have to get my floors cleaned today! We had a bobcat driver here last week, regrading our backyard correctly and of course now I have a dirt haze all over my floors inside now. We bought the house last summer with land sloped TO the house, with zero space from dirt to the patio cover and about maybe a 1/2″ space from patio to the patio doors. It’s now sloped correctly, and we now have an 18″ high second tier in the backyard, level with the soil at the back fence, with over a 2″ drop below patios and grading toward the back and slightly to the side. We are in are mid to late 60’s so this is a lot of work for us, but our goal is to make this home easy to age in, so all decisions are made with that thought in mind. That means no lawn in the backyard, just planters for trees and plants, surrounded by pea gravel walk ways and drip systems everywhere.

  15. Just curious to know if you did anything special to clean the floors before sealing them. Any special product? They look great!

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