Still Not Model Material

I’m still not model material but my quilts sure are!!

Kalissa was by the other day asking for quilts.  She had printed new shirts and wanted quilts for the background of the photos she was going to take.

She told me she reprinted Blessed are the Piecemakers and printed a new shirt and needed a burgundy quilt to use.

The next thing I knew she had me with the quilt…the shirt on and me posing on the bench outside my house.  Oh dear.  I am not model material…BUT hey, I do love the shirt.  I really love the shirt.  Can you see it says, “Sew Happy”?

I really think the shirt is perfect.  I love the destressing on the machine so the printed part isn’t too thick.  Sometimes shirts with a big logo use too much ink and the shirt seems stiff.  This doesn’t.

(If you’re wondering about the quilt, shhhh.  It’s a secret still under wraps.  Stop back on Tuesday and I’ll tell you all about it.)

I teased Kalissa and said that she’d have to gift me a shirt for my modeling skills.

She said only if you pose again.  So…look what she had me doing…This is the V-neck version of “Blessed are the Piecemakers”.  I do like the V-neck version even better I think.

The quilt is our Two Charming quilt…It can be found in our shop.

For those of you who are curious, the quilt in the picture below is my Scrap Crystals quilt. You can read more about it HERE.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt and can be found in her book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.

Kalissa also printed this one.  This is a V-neck too.  She shrunk down the image from the “Sew Happy” shirt and took off the wording.  This is a small logo.  She has had so many people asking for V-necks in the shirts she’s has been printing and wanted to offer the “Sew Happy” shirt in a V-neck format but her printer told her it couldn’t be done as the design is so large.  This was their compromise…a smaller image to the side.  What do you think?

Here is a better image of it.

This one was printed in a smaller quantity as a test run so if you’re in love, grab this one ASAP.

Kalissa and I chatted for a bit.  She left.  I put the quilts all away and settled into supper.  Then I got a phone call from her and she said, can you come over to the cemetary in five minutes.  I said sure…why?

I figured there was some problem with Kramer’s headstone…but nope, that wasn’t it.

I got there and saw these four…Kalissa had these “America Needs Farmers” shirts printed.  She had them printed in adult and kids sizes.  She needed me to be the photographer.  Oh my word, from set layout (my quilts) to model and now to photographer.  I don’t think I get paid enough.  (Totally teasing.  I love helping her!!!)

It turns out that there is a cornfield right next to Kramer’s headstone at the cemetary so that’s where we snapped pictures.

Fair week is coming up around here so these shirts are perfect to wear to the fair.  Carver, he’s a natural model.

I really like these and she’s already sold a bunch.

If you have a John Deere lover in your family, I think the colors of this nicely compliment a John Deere.

She also had these printed in “color blast” option but only in adult.

ADULT  COLOR BLAST  America Needs Farmers  Comfort Colors  image 2

I like the plain gray better…but I think it’s fun trying different options.

So that was my day as the set design, model and photographer.

If you’re looking for a shirt, she has them available HERE in her Etsy shop.

22 thoughts on “Still Not Model Material”

  1. Brenda Furlong

    Every single one of those photos are is absolutely beautiful, and you make a perfect model, as does the lovely farmer family. Really, they look like they could be in some professional magazine, etc.!

  2. I saw your quilt in the issue of Quilter’s World that I received today. Very pretty variation of the bow tie.

  3. oh happy day. this is so exciting. curious is the gray you mentioned the one that presents as pale blue on my screen ????

  4. Jo, I bought the V-neck piecemakers tee and LOVE IT! So I’m interested in getting the V-neck tee of Sew Happy. However, I would really love and buy this tee too, except for the fact that the words Sew Happy are missing from this tee. I realize that the sewing machine is smaller than the one with the round neckline, bot I REALLY miss seeing the words. Even if the print would be small, or above or below the sewing machine, I would DEFINITELY like it better and would DEFINITELY buy it. Thanks for all you do for quilting, I know it makes you SEW HAPPY! Sincerely, N

  5. Jo, I love how “real” you are as a model!! I can totally see how the shirt fits and how the color looks on you. Love the gray t-shirt on the American Needs Farmers shirts! Thanks for trying something new!

  6. Well Jo, I think you are wrong – you are model material. You always have such a beautiful smile and that is the important factor. I really like the tshirts especially the farmer ones!

  7. Every one of these pictures is beautiful! I think you’re all great models for Kalissa’s cute t-shirts. Love the newest ones. The boys in the farm shirts is priceless!

  8. They and you look terrific! AND I love the “America Needs Farmers” shirt – I’m an old farm girl and am appalled by some of the attitudes I see and hear about farmers and farming in general. The county fair is the perfect place to wear them too.

    1. Love the shirts and love the quilt.. So glad I don’t have to wait until Tuesday, started cutting it out on Saturday. When I saw it on page 76, was surprised you had not said anything.

    1. You don’t need an Etsy account, by ordering from hers it is just like any other mail order. Just click on the link Jo provided.

  9. Christina Coats

    Hi Jo & kalisa,
    Saw the V neck sewing machine t-shirt, that’s mine i said, there were no Xl so opted for 2XL , it will be loose but I do not care. It will a message to family and friends do not disturb I’m in sewing mode. Unofficial uniform yay!! Well Done Girls.

  10. Agree with everyone– you seem to be a “natural” model Jo!!! The t-shirts looks great and so do you!!
    Like all of Kalissa’s t-shirt designs—the photographs are wonderful — especially love the picture of the “family” -they look terrific! The boys are adorable!!

  11. Celia Ambrose

    Love the shirts! All of them! And, you have some great skills for this segment with the modeling, and photography. Love the quilts shown too!

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