Steaming Eggs

I was stumbling around on the internet hopping from blog to blog and stumbled upon a blog that suggested steaming eggs rather than boiling them.  Of course, I can’t find the blog that I first saw it on….if anyone knows, drop me a note and I’ll add a link.

For those of you who don’t have fresh eggs, let me tell you, peeling farm fresh boiled eggs can be a nightmare.  This blogger claimed that farm fresh eggs that are steamed will peel nicely.  She suggested using this Norpro Deluxe 3-Piece Bamboo Steamer Set.

Skeptical me…I had to try it.  I order the steamer from Amazon….then soaked the steamer in water as the directions suggested.   I put 1″ of water in my big frying pan, then put the eggs in and turned on the burner to medium high.  I put the cover on…

20 minutes later….I opened the steamer then put the eggs in ice cold water.

Once they were cool enough to touch we peeled them….

So what did we think….THUMBS UP!!

Something else I really like is that the eggs don’t have that “greenish” ring around the yolk.

We have gone on to use the steamer to make green beans…those were yummy too.  All in all, I love the new steamer!! It was well worth the $18!!

6 thoughts on “Steaming Eggs”

  1. The reason for the green ring is a chemical reaction when the eggs are overcooked. So, you could still end up with green eggs when steaming if you steam them too long! I have trouble getting the perfect balance between underdone and overdone.

  2. I learned a long time ago, when I make potato salad, I peel and cut up my potatoes the way I would like to have them in my salad. (Sometimes I just cut them up, leave the peels on)

    I place them in my Steamer ( lay the amount of eggs I want on top of the potatoes and set the timer for 30 minutes.

    WaLa!!! perfect every time! When the steamer is done, I place the eggs in ice water and take the potatoes to the sink in the steamer basket and run cold water over them to STOP the cooking.

    EASY PEASY Potato Salad!

    If you just want to do eggs, you can…this steamer has indentations for eggs to stand up all separated from each other as they steam. I love this steamer and really, you can’t beat the price. I have had mine for nearly 9 years now – still a work horse.

  3. I’ve been steaming our freshly laid eggs for a while now. Before that I would boil them but start the water boiling first, and then put the eggs in. With both methods, I put the eggs in ice water after and with both they peeled easily. So I think the ice water is the key. However, I had overcooking sometimes with boiling and almost always several cracked eggs. With steaming I only get one or two at most. I just use one of those folding steamers but I think the bamboo one would hold more eggs.

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