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Karl and I are doing our best to stay in.  No we’re not paranoid but trying to be smart.  Typically we go to the pancake breakfast in the neighboring town, Fort Atkinson.  It’s put on by the Fire Department.  They use the money they make there to support their department over the year.  It’s money that is needed and very appreciated.  Small departments do get funding through the state and city but it’s never enough.  They need the money from this event to buy things that the other funding doesn’t cover.

This year, Karl and I didn’t go.  We’ve not trying to be paranoid…just trying to follow social distancing recommendations the best we can.  Part of our choice is to protect ourselves…part to protect others.  I’m also worried I’ll get something and pass it on the the childcare kids.  The safer I can be the better….If that means I’m overreacting, I guess I am.

BUT…the fire department in Fort Atkinson still needs money.  I ended up writing them a check and mailing it.

I hope you consider doing that as well.  So many fundraisers happen this time of year in our area..there are so many church sponsored fish fries and other benefits.  People like me, will be not attending because of COVID-19.  Please, if you’re not going to attend and you normally did, follow through and still send your donation on to them.

So many things have changed quickly because of COVID-19.  Kelli tried to get tylenol for Georgia the other day at Wal-Mart.  Georgie has had a mystery temp for a couple days we think is related to teething.  Kelli had her in to the doctor’s to check her ears but that wasn’t an ear problem.  Nothing respiratory was with it so they think it’s viral.  Kelli was running out of tylenol but Wal-Mart were completely out.  She ended up going online to Amazon and ordered some.

If a blog reader goes to my blog, hits an Amazon link and then purchases things, I get a commission from Amazon for the sale.  The buyer doesn’t pay any extra for the product….Amazon just pays the commission as my link brought you there.  I have no idea who buys what.  I just get a listing of items that sold from my link.

I have seen sales go way up.  People are buying lots of regular products I think they would have otherwise at their local stores.  Supplements, Tylenol, and toilet paper have all been big sellers.  I even sold… a bidet.

Yep..the French clean you up toilets.  I told Karl I thought that was unusual.  He looked it up and actually with the toilet paper hoarding, people have gone on to buy toilets with the reasoning you don’t need toilet paper.  Hmm.  Sales for bidets have gone up 192% according to something Karl found online.  Who knew??

I am so naive I wouldn’t have even thought about it.  I also always keep extra toilet paper on hand so didn’t think I needed to think about it.

The happy news…If you’re practicing social distance like I am, I’ll still be here blogging so there will be something to keep you occupied…and if you need anything from Amazon, feel free to use THIS LINK to get to Amazon.   When you use that link, I get the commission on your purchase.  Again, I have no idea who ordered what, only that something was ordered.  The little bit of commission money I get ads up and helps pay for the expenses of hosting the blog.  I really appreciate it.

I am really interested to see where we all are a month from now.  I was just talking to Connie via Messenger and she said people are stealing toilet paper from the gas stations.  Oh my word!  This could all get interesting.

P.S.  Iowa schools are closed for four weeks starting today.  Oh my.  This is getting more interesting by the day.


14 thoughts on “Staying In…”

  1. I wondered when people would start stealing the TP from public restrooms. Those will be the next places with locked doors.

    All the schools in our area are closed from tomorrow to the end of the month minimum. They’ll reconsided then if it will be for longer.

  2. Sigh. I work in a grocery store and it’s crazy. I would welcome a break from work and have lots of stash saved up! Don’t think we will be getting a reprieve from work….rather, it’s like the day before Thanksgiving every day with each day busier than the last. I worry that I am being exposed to sick people at work (people who don’t know yet that they are sick,)

  3. l never realized I was “overusing” TP until I tried to be frugal with it, knowing it is an item we could run out of now. I feel very “ecology-minded” ! Ha-ha! I figure it will be nice to be more conscious of disposable products I use that I have taken for granted!
    Sort of like I have become aware of how I don’t need to buy more material now that I have been using the stash-savers system and making only scrap quilts!

  4. Hi Jo – I was thinking about the bidet – said Boy we should do that – I am after all French….There are people stealing TP from the restrooms at gas stations. How crazy have our lives become. God Bless and stay safe. I can buy anything and link it to you? On Amazon? I’ve had to delay my move to NY but promise once settled I’ll be send you either fabric or a quilt -Thanks for all the beautiful blog news. It’s nice to feel connected this way. I have no quilting buddies- in real life.

  5. Thinking about you and all the extra childcare kiddo’s you will have with school not in session for the next 4 weeks. Hang in there!

  6. I order from Amazon sometimes, and I don’t think I realized I could access it through your blog. I just looked through your post and I don’t see anything that would take me to The Amazon website. Can you let us know how to do that, and would I still be able to use my Prime account?

  7. Judith Fairchild

    Our schools have closed for at least 3 weeks. It’s going to be difficult with the girls home all day and lots of rain in the forecast. We can only do so much cleaning. And quilting. Yes I use Amazon and would use your link if I knew how.

  8. In a town near me someone stole all the toilet paper from the public stalls at the police station! At the cancer hospital they put away all the face masks. Now you have to ask for one if you need it. I’ve been social distancing for awhile now although I did go grocery shopping at 6:30 this morning. Didn’t get everything but got almost all of what I needed. Schools in Utah have closed for 2 weeks and just today they closed restaurants, bars, etc. in Salt Lake City. No indoor dining allowed. These are interesting times indeed.

  9. For those wanting to order from Amazon by getting there from this blog – on the right hand side, below where you can search the archives, there is the Amazon where you can search for the item and get to Amazon.
    Thanks for your blog Jo.

  10. Schools and daycares have all been closed for a week so far all across Canada. Restaurants are either allowed 50 % of their seating or takeout only. A lot of our stores are closed. They are hoping to stop this Virus from spreading. We are encouraged to wash wash our hands.

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