Staying Happy and Engaged While Working

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“How do you stay happy and engaged while working?”


For lots of people, that’s a tough question…stay happy, at WORK?

I am a stay at home worker…I can’t tell you for sure what I even do.  I work on my free early learning printables website Making Learning Fun.  I blog here are Jo’s Country Junction.  I do a variety of quilting stints and I managed the house and garden…but none truly feel like they are jobs.  Do I earn money from them?…yes.  But nothing that I do truly feels like work.  I think that’s because all of “jobs” are passions of mine.

I am passionate about children.  That’s why I work on the printables site.  I love my life and quilting.  That’s why I blog.  Having true passion for my work helps me stay happy.  I think that’s key but there are other things I do too…

I work on the computer most of the day…it can get long and tedious.  There are a few things that I have discovered that help me stay focused at the computer.  One of those things is Pandora.  I am a HUGE fan.  Have you discovered Pandora?  What happens is I go to their website.  I type in the name of a song and Pandora plays that song and similar songs like it.  If I don’t like the song, I give it a thumbs down and they don’t play it again.  If I like it, they play more music similar to it.  Listening to music while I work gets me more engaged in the music and less engaged in the clock…and the time slipping past.

Another thing I have discovered are audio books.  I love, love, love them.  Several of the area libraries have gotten together and have an on line library.  I can download audio books for free onto my computer.  I can keep the books for a week and then they go back to the online library.  For me…this is amazing.  I often times get so involved in a book that I work longer hours than I intended just so I can keep listening to the book.  Check with your own local library and see if they have a similar lending system.

Overall, I think my expectation of happiness isn’t all rainbows, ponies and fireworks…my expectation of happiness is contentment.  Our family goal with my work is be able to make enough money so I can stay at home with my family.  I have learned to be happy that I am working on my printable site at 11 pm.  If I am working at 11 pm, that means I got to go to Minnesota and visit my mother-in-law during the day.  If I am up working at 6 am, that means I will get to take my daughter shopping during the day.  If I am working on Saturday, that means I got to quit early on Friday so I could make an amazing meal for supper on Friday night.  Visiting my mother in law, shopping with my daughter and making an amazing supper for my family are and will always be the things that truly make me happy.  I think we all need to take a moment and see what true happiness is…rainbows, ponies and fireworks…or contentment.

You can check out what others are saying in regards to being happy and engaged at work my following this link.   While you’re there share the things that make you happy and engaged at work.  To make you a bit more happy, BlogHer is also sponsoring a $250 sweepstakes….check that out here.

6 thoughts on “Staying Happy and Engaged While Working”

  1. I could not agree with you more and I sure could not have written that better. I am so happy to hear that there are people out there that really know themselves and what they really need and what they just want. Listening to Adele on Pandora! Hugs!

  2. Working in an office, I wish I were allowed to do any of this – listen to music or audiobooks, or even surf the internet with the sound turned on my computer (as it is, I hope no one is peeking over the edges of my cube, although I usually do it only when my spreadsheet is engaged in calculating). In this economy, just having a job means happiness, whether it keeps you engaged or content or challenged, or not. It is hard to push aside the guilt about leaving at 5:00 after a 9-hour day (often working through lunch) … some people here come in at 6 AM and don’t leave until 10 or so at night, and work weekends too – with no extra pay. I guess the only thing I do to help get through the workday is mentally plan what I’ll do in my sewing room when I get home. Still, it beats my last job, in which I was disciplined for showing up at 8:03 too many times (usually after traffic issues that turned a 45-minute commute into a 1.5-hour commute) or the job before that when I had to go into the office on Thanksgiving and Christmas at times just to keep a handle on things. If the pay was worth it, it would be easier to accept, but I reached my peak salary in 1997 and it’s been going back down ever since because employers can pay less and still have a long line of people grateful for the job.

    Once I can figure out how quilting can earn me a living, I will be in for a job change.

  3. I have ALWAYS loved to go to work – Monday was my favorite day, on most jobs, not all. Now, I LOVE what I do on my job as a Financial Secretary at a church, and I LOVE when I come home, and I LOVE weekends, etc. I won’t do a chore unless I WANT to do it. Sometimes that takes longer to get to that chore than it should but unless I feel positive about working, I’m old enough to say I’m not going to do it, until I’m ready and eager. Mostly, I am good natured, and happy, and eager to wake up every day to see what lies ahead! My husband is totally opposite – neither of us can understand one another’s approach to “work”.

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