Stash Reports

The thrift stores once again were good to me!!

I hit my thrift store and Goodwill.  I had to wade through LOTS ANS LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of polyester and silky fabric to find what I did at the thrift store.

I can never say no to plaids and especially not this…it’s a great neutral color.  $2 was the price and 2 1/4 yards was how much was in the bundle.

At the thrift store pieces are sometimes unmarked.  Those are only 50 cents each.  I picked these three.  They will mix in with others and be perfect for a neutral.  You can see the piece on the bottom is an old VIP Cranston print.  It will be just fine.  The piece with the red was a half yard cut.  The other two were both 1 yard each pieces.

Most of the time, Goodwill isn’t the best but this time I did find something.  I found this….It was $2.  I unrolled it once home and measured it.  Just over two yards but the best of it…it is 60″ wide.  PERFECT!!!

That means I’ll likely be able to do a small quilt with it.  YAHOO.  Definitely worth it.

I love getting thrifted fabric.  When I shop I never know if there will be fabric or what the fabric will be!  If I go to a fabric shop I’m mostly guaranteed there will be some version of Moda…some of this…some of that.  It’s much more exciting for me to check out the thrift store…where else can you get Raggedy Ann being a nurse!!  I’m so thankful that my tastes are simple.

6 thoughts on “Stash Reports”

  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    Its hard to believe that my goodwill would have such options. It is right next to an LQS so why would anyone go there to shop. Or maybe they do after the LQS. Its kind of a junky store so I dont go there much.

  2. I used to visit thrift stores a lot and found many wonderful things. Had to cut myself off as I had acquired more than enough of everything. Now your thrift store posts give me the same satisfaction. Thank you.

  3. I am so amazed at your findings at thrift stores, the ones in my area never, never have fabric and I check at least once a week.

  4. That Raggedy Ann fabric would be adorable in a quilt for Kelli or as a cute backing. You do find some wonderful pieces out thrifting.

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