Stash Report: The Merry’s Stitchins Version

Yesterday I told you about the quilt shop, Merry’s Stitchins, that Kelli and went to.  Today I’m showing you what we bought….Remember we fell for the wool stitching projects….I ended up getting FLAG, FALL and NEST.  I got some wool too.  I already have a lot of wool but not in big pieces so the cream is for the hexies…

Kelli ended up buying the FARM and the SEW ones.

Both of us decided we needed a sugar daddy or be independently wealth enough so we have time to do everything we buy…or retire, but even then, we’ll have time but not money.  Neither of those will likely ever happen so we’ll just keep plodding along doing all that we can.  The good thing is that we typically buy things that will be in style for a long time so we can take our time working on them if we want.

I’m so lucky that Hubby never says anything about what I buy….he knows a good quilt shop trip is good for me.

Here’s the other things I bought….

The measuring tape is really a twill ribbon. It’s needed for the SEW wool project.  The pattern looks super easy and will make a nice sized quilt.  It’s one of those quick and easy postcard patterns.  The little roll up of hexagon fabric is a fabric and pattern included to make one of those sand prop up holders for a cell phone.  It was $2 and my impulse buy.

The little stand up clip board is intended for holding wool pieces…like in this picture.  See the clip board…it’s the red in the picture- lower right quadrant.

I’m not sure if I’ll do a wool piece for it down the road or if I’ll use if for something else…all I knew is that I liked it.

That’s the haul from Merry’s…not too bad I didn’t think.  I stayed under $100….oh it’s hard with so many tempting goodies!!!

3 thoughts on “Stash Report: The Merry’s Stitchins Version”

  1. Jo, I’m a recent sister/friend follower on your blog and web site. You are such a hard worker, good mom, grandma, relative, child care giver, wife, and so on! I appreciate your sense of humor, thoughtfulness, … I could go on & on. Thanks so much for all you share with your fans.

  2. I love the clip board piece. It looks like it could be part of an old fence. Wouldn’t be too hard to make ;)

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