Stash Report Sunday

I have been working on this quilt for a bit.  I cut the quilt out a couple months ago and work on it periodically when I’m in between projects.  I’ve really sat down and sewn it.


It’s Kaleidoscope from Heather Mulder Peterson’s book Living Large.   It’s made with Moda’s Oz by MoMo.  I ordered 1.5 yards of fabric this week for border fabric.  Then I am officially done with this fabric line…no more…complete-o…done!  I have loved this fabric but enough is enough.    I am making my Note to Self quilt with fabric (I’ll show your this quilt later this week once the binding is finished).  I made a Schnibble and a baby quilt with this fabric line.  Like I said….it’s enough.  Now I feel like Dorothy and I’m heading back to Kansas…no more visiting Oz.

Back to my stash report…
In….  1.5 yards
Out…  1 yard

I gifted all my left over Oz scraps to my daughter…just so I wouldn’t be tempted to make something else with it.  She still has a jelly roll and a layer cake of Oz so I am thinking…I’ll probably be seeing this fabric again.

13 thoughts on “Stash Report Sunday”

  1. you’ve given me an idea for a new scrap quilt! i have some creme/yellow background fabric like that, and was wondering what to use it for. Now i know!

  2. Cute quilt – I agree with getting tired of a fabric line when you buy the various options and the amount of fabric you buy just keeps growing in order to “use it all”. Liz

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