Stash Report Sunday

My daughter Kayla was home for the weekend and we ventured out to the Amish community in our area.   Lots of fun….trying oatmeal cookies….buying canning jar lids and the like.

On our way home we passed by a quilt shop.  I managed to get out with only 1 yard of fabric!


I used to be in love with the fabric shop….but UGH!  Everything in the shop is modern looking fabric now.  They used to carry LOTS of Moda and precuts but that has died out.  No more 30’s prints.  No more mixer fabrics all is bright, bold, big prints….I don’t hate it but a whole shop of it leaves me wanting to visit a shop with variety.  The new “modern” looking quilts are great, but it leaves me missing the variety….anyone else feel that way?  Some fabric shops have gotten so trendy…..

The fabric is going to be border fabric to finish up this quilt…Judy’s (Patchwork Times) Note to Self quilt.  My quilt has a few variations…so it was a challenge for me to figure out how to finish it.

Back to the stash report…
In – 1 yard
Out – 1 yard

The out fabric is a fun project I am working on that I’ll do a tutorial and post on Tuesday.

For more stash report fun check out Patchwork Times.

10 thoughts on “Stash Report Sunday”

  1. he he he…That’s the advantage of living in North Dakota. We’re so behind the times, lol.

    Seriously, though. I know what you mean about so much modern fabric that it pushes out the other stuff.

    Right now, I’m so focused on using some of my stash, it’s hard sometimes to find something for the border when I finish the main part of a scrappy quilt!

    So much new stuff! I love it, but I’m just not buying right now! :-)

  2. I agree with you. Having just one type of fabric makes the quilt shop less inviting. I live in the Ozark Mountains and we have a good quilt shop about 20 miles away. However, they don’t carry solids! Guess people around here don’t know what to do with them! I am thankful for a variety of fabrics at the quilt shop, though, and so glad it is close to home.

  3. I agree with you but the trend is towards those kind of fabrics. They tend to attract the younger quilters. I don’t like all those modern big prints. When I look at them, there’s just no inspiration to make anything.

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