Stash Report Sunday….

I’ve decided that I probably shouldn’t belong to a stash report group….Honestly, I have NO control.  Either I am at my favorite store, or find the perfect deal and I just can’t resist.

Here’s this week’s purchases….4.5 yards of fabric….Civil War Prints.


I couldn’t resist.  I got them when I visited my FAVORITE shop, Country Threads.  Oh, I love that shop!  The bottom fabric is to make the pattern I purchased, Peppercorns.

I finished a quilt, so I can count that fabric as fabric out….I’ll show that quilt to you later this week.

So my report….
4.5 yards of fabric in.
4 yards out.

I am having a “cleaning my sewing room” giveaway.  You can check that out here.

10 thoughts on “Stash Report Sunday….

  1. liz

    How about “stash management” – we are just working towards getting the correct inventory in our houses! At least, that’s my story!


  2. Lori in SD/NE

    I’m so glad you told me that Country Threads has oodles of civil war reproductions–I WILL AVOID THEM as my willpower would crumple! Yes, I’m not that far from them–spend a lot of time at Yankton SD/Crofton NE! I’ve been there a couple of times and it was wonderful!


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