Stash Report Sunday….

I’ve decided that I probably shouldn’t belong to a stash report group….Honestly, I have NO control.  Either I am at my favorite store, or find the perfect deal and I just can’t resist.

Here’s this week’s purchases….4.5 yards of fabric….Civil War Prints.


I couldn’t resist.  I got them when I visited my FAVORITE shop, Country Threads.  Oh, I love that shop!  The bottom fabric is to make the pattern I purchased, Peppercorns.

I finished a quilt, so I can count that fabric as fabric out….I’ll show that quilt to you later this week.

So my report….
4.5 yards of fabric in.
4 yards out.

I am having a “cleaning my sewing room” giveaway.  You can check that out here.

10 thoughts on “Stash Report Sunday….”

  1. How about “stash management” – we are just working towards getting the correct inventory in our houses! At least, that’s my story!


  2. I’m so glad you told me that Country Threads has oodles of civil war reproductions–I WILL AVOID THEM as my willpower would crumple! Yes, I’m not that far from them–spend a lot of time at Yankton SD/Crofton NE! I’ve been there a couple of times and it was wonderful!

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