Stash Report Sunday

Before I give you my stash report, I want to let you know that I have had a FUN week with my Accuquilt Go! Cutter.  I got a new die, Winding Ways, and had to try out one block.

I cut:

Then I sewed….I thought I had made a mistake sewing the pieces together because it looked like this…Isn’t it unusual, to see how the center looks?

I sewed them together and got a block.
I think I am going to make my seam just a tad bit wider.  But the curves were a cinch.  I was a little worried but I am worry no more.  I am not sure when I will get to a whole Winding Ways quilt.  I think I’ll plug away a block or two at a time in between other projects.  I must say, cutting it with the Go! was WONDERFUL!!

Accuquilt gave me another Go! Cutter to give away….If you haven’t put your name in for a chance, here is the link to that post.  I will close the giveaway on Wednesday and will be announcing the winner on Thursday.

Now onto my stash report:
If you read my previous post, you’ll see that my weekend machine quilting plans got changed by a stitch skipping temperamental quilting machine.  I had hoped to have a couple quilts finished…but I can’t, so still no fabric out…I bought a 1/2 yard to bind a quilt.

Fabric out….   ZERO
Fabric in….     1/2 yard

I’m working on a quilt for Judy’s Weekend Quilts book…check back tomorrow and I’ll show you what is on my “design floor”.  For more stash reports check out Patchwork Times….

11 thoughts on “Stash Report Sunday”

  1. Thanks for opening that Accuquilt Go! Cutter for me to see what is going on inside of it. I have been wondering what it did, to be honest. Appreciate you educating me on all things quilting. Admire your creativity and productivity.

  2. I hate it when you have the mojo to progress on a quilt but then something technical stops you in your tracks. It was good that you had a chance to play with your Accuquilt GO! though, Lucky YOU! How grand!

  3. I know the odds are stacked really strong against me winning that GO cutter (especially since I have a force field that keeps me from winning anything, anytime, anywhere), but that Winding Ways die is so amazing that it alone may be responsible for me breaking down and buying an accucut system. I adore that block – and yours is gorgeous! Enjoy making them!

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