Stash Report Sunday

I added to my stash this week.  Not a lot but an addition none the less.


Here’s two half yard cuts and four quarter yard cuts.  I am a bit frustrated as I wouldn’t have purchased the bottom two pieces had I known.  In fact I probably wouldn’t have purchased any of it because it’s those bottom two pieces that got me into the store.

I have been FIGHTING my UFO project.  (check out more about it here)   After planning and checking the pattern and reading and rereading the directions, I thought I needed another half yard of fabric.  I was going to town and decided I better just grab it when I was there so I didn’t have to make a special trip back for it.

Yesterday my friend came over and wanted to sew for the day so I decided to work on the UFO.  Well….guess what?  The pattern was WAY off in the measurements.  After cutting yesterday….I have determined that I don’t need any fabric for binding.  I ended up have a half yard left over from the original fabric.  I ended up not needing the binding fabric.  I had over 3/4 of a yard left over of that!  The pattern instructions were off by as much as 1 yard of fabric.  UGH!  As I said before, I am not impressed with these pattern instruction at all.  I can TOTALLY understand that a pattern designer add a quarter of a yard to what is needed for the pattern but in this case….honestly it’s a half yard and even a yard over the measurements that are actually needed!

O for this week…

Used this Week:    0
Used year to Date:   34 yards
Added this Week:     2 yards
Added Year to Date:     18yards

Net Used for 2011:   16 Yards…Wo-who!

Next week I am hoping for fabric out….I finished the top of my Roll, Roll Cotton Ball quilt and I think I’ll get my UFO top together too…All the pieces are sewn.  All that’s left is assembly.

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7 thoughts on “Stash Report Sunday”

  1. It’s frustrating to have too much, but it is even more frustrating to run out of fabric and being unable to find anything that matches!

    But, you are still doing great for the year!


  2. Sorry to hear that you have had such a hard time with your project. Unfortunately, I’ve run into some patterns that were written so badly that I just ended up looking at the pictures to try to figure out what to do.

    I love the fabrics that you purchased.

  3. I am sorry that you are having so much trouble with that pattern. It is very frustrating. Once it is done if I were you I would burn the pattern, LOL!!

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