Stash Report- River Road Quilt Shop

Before you start reading today’s post, we have an auction happening on some quilt items.  Check it out on here.

Yesterday I told you about the River Road Quilt Shop in Lacrosse.  Today I’m telling you what I bought….Yes, I bought something.  I need to stay out of quilt shops I know….

Well remember how I was going on and on about the quilt….this one….

Remember I was saying that I loved the fabric….this fabric?

Remember how I said I hadn’t heard of that fabric company before?

Well what’s a girl to do???BUY IT RIGHT???

I wasn’t sure how much fabric to buy.  I think I want to make the exact quilt they had made only bigger so I got a fat quarter bundle and and few more.

Remember the knitting fabric I showed you?   Well I got enough of it to make a pillowcase for Kayla.

I got this fat quarter to finish something I’ve started already….

I should have bought nothing but oh that was so tempting.  Goodness knows I already have a room full of fabric and projects.  What’s one more I guess…right?

6 thoughts on “Stash Report- River Road Quilt Shop”

  1. Just a note: when I click on the double green underlined word “check” to see about the auction, it would only show an advertisement. I know the info is in the last post but others might not.

  2. It is a great pattern and the fabric is so colorful, great purchase. I really like the knitting fabric, think I will have to go find some myself.
    I enjoy your tours of shops and all the treasures that each one holds.

  3. Susan from Kentucky

    Love the Ink and Arrow fabric! I have run into that name somewhere before. I have also seen quilts made like the quilt you pictured on Pinterest. I have been thinking about something I want to use it on.
    I’m like you. I have so much fabric and always buy more! It’s an addiction.

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