Stash Report- River Road Quilt Shop

Before you start reading today’s post, we have an auction happening on some quilt items.  Check it out on here.

Yesterday I told you about the River Road Quilt Shop in Lacrosse.  Today I’m telling you what I bought….Yes, I bought something.  I need to stay out of quilt shops I know….

Well remember how I was going on and on about the quilt….this one….

Remember I was saying that I loved the fabric….this fabric?

Remember how I said I hadn’t heard of that fabric company before?

Well what’s a girl to do???BUY IT RIGHT???

I wasn’t sure how much fabric to buy.  I think I want to make the exact quilt they had made only bigger so I got a fat quarter bundle and and few more.

Remember the knitting fabric I showed you?   Well I got enough of it to make a pillowcase for Kayla.

I got this fat quarter to finish something I’ve started already….

I should have bought nothing but oh that was so tempting.  Goodness knows I already have a room full of fabric and projects.  What’s one more I guess…right?

6 thoughts on “Stash Report- River Road Quilt Shop

  1. Carol Lorraine Stearns

    The only way not to buy anything is not to go there. We quilters have no will power when it comes to fabric. My favorite shop here has their 47th anniversary sale all week. What is a body to do?

  2. Ana Sweet

    Just a note: when I click on the double green underlined word “check” to see about the auction, it would only show an advertisement. I know the info is in the last post but others might not.

  3. Kim

    It is a great pattern and the fabric is so colorful, great purchase. I really like the knitting fabric, think I will have to go find some myself.
    I enjoy your tours of shops and all the treasures that each one holds.

  4. Susan from Kentucky

    Love the Ink and Arrow fabric! I have run into that name somewhere before. I have also seen quilts made like the quilt you pictured on Pinterest. I have been thinking about something I want to use it on.
    I’m like you. I have so much fabric and always buy more! It’s an addiction.

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