Stash Report: Little Red Hen

Yesterday I did a quilt shop tour of Little Red Hen in Muscatine, Iowa.  WOW…Kelli and I loved the shop.  In my book, the perfect shop.  If I ran a quilt shop, this is the kind I would strive to have.  I really had a great time there.  I felt like so many of their projects “were me”…meaning things I’d want to make and have in my home.

Here is what I ended up buying….not fabric!


In the center of the “haul” is a book…One of the gals in the shop designs for the shop and she makes some awesome stuff.  It’s all in a book.  What I love is that there are quilts, wool projects, punch needle and a wide variety of things in ONE book.

Here’s a little preview of the book….Here’s the bee themed wool mat….


Here a bee pincushion…LOVE!


This quilt sure will be a good way to tackle some scraps!


Here’s another project from the book.


Kelli loved this pillow…also in the book.  Little-Red-Hen-6

I’ve scoped out my laundry room hoping for a spot to hang this…


Here is another shop exclusive design.  It’s a pincushion…oh’s so cute.  I wanted to buy all of the pincushion patterns but I settled on this one.


Kelli bought the fall book.  See all of the projects pictured in the photo below?  All of them are in the book!! Check it out!!

In all seriousness….Kelli and I wanted to make almost every project in the book.  The punch needle project was wonderful too!!  Oh my I wish there were more time in the day.  I want to do it all!!

I did buy the kit to make the Thanksgiving Alphabet seen in the photo below…Kelli did too.  


I love all of the projects I have to look forward to.   I’ve gotten a little better at asking myself, will I really love the project in 10 years before I buy patterns or quilt books.  Even with fabric and this type of designs, things go out of fashion…so will I still love this if it’s not in fashion.  Every time I said yes….so I broke the bank and bought several things.

What a whirl wind of a trip!  Can you believe that we have two more quilt shops to show you!!  Stop by next Saturday for the quilt shop tour.  Kelli and I both HIGHLY recommend Little Red Hen in Muscatine, Iowa.  It’s a must see store!!


4 thoughts on “Stash Report: Little Red Hen”

  1. Carolyn in Texas

    Thank you for showing us around Little Red Hen! It’s an 11 hour drive, but would be well worth the trip. I’ve been lots of quilts shops in the last 30+ years and have never seen one as complete as that one. How awesome! The added plus for those of us who live miles and miles away is their website. Can hardly wait to see what else is on your shop tour.

  2. It looks like you found some wonderful items to bring home. I sure love all the wool and needlepoint items, just wish it was something I knew how to do. I think this shop goes on my list the next time I cross the country on Hwy 80, thanks for taking us along.

  3. I’m going to have to visit, after seeing the Jo and Kelli tour. Sadly, since it is a 4 hour drive for me, I think I will wait until all the snow is gone. However, I might have to do a small online order. :>)

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