Stash Report from Olive Juice

Yesterday I told you about Kelli and I visiting Olive Juice, the quilt shop in Onalaska, WI.  Today I’ll show you what we bought.

This is the room Kelli was most excited about…the findings room with buttons, zippers and accessories.

Kelli has been in this bag kick and she’s dragging me down the road with her.  She wanted to make this bag….and talked me into making it too.  She wants to take make it to keep her stuff in when she comes to my house to sew….or to the retreat this summer.  They had a sample of the bag and it enticed her into buying it.

Catch All Caddy

I thought this bag would be handy…yep…we bought that pattern too.

Travel Essentials
We ended up with both patterns.  We’re pattern people.  What can I say?

I ended up getting these things too…..

I told you Kelli was being a bad influence on this bag thing.  I bought a bad pattern.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I’ve resisted bags for so long.  UGH.

I also got a key chain fob piece and a fat quarter of Kaffe striped fabric.  I looked and looked for more quarter yard cuts of the Kaffe fabric but none were cut.  They had half yards but I wasn’t interested in those.  I wanted a few to support the leftovers I already have.  I thought about grabbing a few of the bolts and get yardage cut but class was going on and I didn’t want to be disruptive as the fabrics were in the classroom.  I am sure you’ve been in a quilt shop that had fabrics in the classroom and felt the same way.  I know where they are if I need more and that’s okay.

Besides…I am still in the clean/organize mood so little sewing has happened.

Kelli and I were both a little frustrated as we got home and found that both of the By Annie bag patterns are part of our Craftsy Unlimited and we didn’t need to buy the patterns as we can download them from Craftsy.  These bags both have video tutorials that go with them.  Shucks.  I’m telling you this so you don’t make the same mistake we did….oh well.

Craftsy Unlimited FREE 7 day trial at

It’s a live and learn thing I guess.

Kelli got Unlimited too and has been watching some of the classes.  She’s really liking the bag classes and can’t wait to get sewing.

8 thoughts on “Stash Report from Olive Juice”

  1. I highly recommend Dog Under My Desk for bag patterns. Erin is great at describing how to make her bags. I like her style, too. As for the patterns that you didn’t have to buy, may I suggest a giveaway n the blog? But print out the patterns from Craftsy Unlimited first, in case you decide not to renew down the road.

  2. Hello Jo, I’m a little late with this comment cuz life is life…. but I am ridiculously glad that you got a good report on your scan! I found myself reflecting on how it could be that I was so concerned for someone I have never met in person. I guess some people are just wired that way, and clearly I am in good company with other readers!

  3. One of the best things I have learned as I move into bags was be sure and do all the iron on linings and then use any of the products that keep the bags upright…soft and stable comes to mind, but there are many more good products. It adds time to the bag making, but you get a much better product. The bag patterns are not always easy to follow….example the wallet pattern, but with class help and a good instructor, you are on your way. Also, be sure and change to a heavy duty needle as you get more layers…and your walking foot. I love all the bags I have made and use them often. Also I had an instructor that added plastic feet to the bottom of the bag. They are not easy, but really help when using out in public. Enjoy your bags and ask questions if you need help. The hardest bag is the first one.

  4. The bag patterns are super cute and many of my quilt friends have made the Travel Essentials bag and love it for all storing quilt tools for classes. I cant wait to see how yours turns out. I have only made 3 bags and found them to be very time consuming but I loved the final product. Enjoy

  5. I started making more complicated bags and purses about a year ago and love them. I found one with great pockets inside that keep me organized and I’ve already made 4. The first 2 wore out quickly, because I washed them in a regular load and the corners wore out. I now know to use a gentle cycle. For the purses, I added metal feet to the last 2 to see if it helps with wear. I agree with what Cheryl said. Using the thicker products really does make a difference. For the outside of the bags, I do a light quilting and love the look.

    The curling iron cover is also a great item. I started making those years ago. I make mine like the travel iron covers and can pack it in my suitcase within minutes of doing my hair.

    Enjoy the bag making, even though it will take hours from your quilting. LOL!

  6. Anne – maybe she meant to say that she bought a bag pattern because of Kelli’s bad influence.

    The lady that designed the Improv Pattern owns a cute quilt shop in West Jordan, Utah, called Pine Needles. It is in a place called Gardner Village with many shops in old houses. Worth a visit if you are out this way.

  7. If you have any old cutting mats, you can cut them the size of the bottom of your bag and make a little pouch/fabric cover to add some stability as well. I sewed like a fiend all weekend, graduation gifts are getting closer to be done. WHEW!

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