Stash Report for the New Year!!

Welcome to 2012 and my first stash report of the year.  I am not a big fabric hoarder but I know I have to keep myself in check or I can quickly go overboard.  Last year I ended up like this.

Net Used for 2011:  48.5 Yards of store bought fabric…9.5 yards of recycled fabric….81 yards gifted.  I sewed a total of 240 yards worth of fabric!!  I love that.  I hope I can do about the same this year.

I am adding a new category this year…fabric gifted to me.  I want an idea of how much money I spent on this quilting hobby of mine.  I get fabric from Moda when I make a Moda Bake Shop quilt so I don’t actually spend money on that fabric.  Adding this category will help me keep accountable in the money department too.

If you want to see some of the projects that I’ll be working on in 2012, you can check out my 2012 UFO Challenge List. This is the quilt I most want to get done on the list.


I also have three Moda Bake Shop quilts scheduled too.  The fabric is here…I just need time to sew!!  I have a few giveaways that I am planning too including goodies from from Sewline and Aurifil and don’t forget the giveaway that’s going on right now!

There is the Quilt Square Quilt Along I am hosting that should be lots of fun.


I have a day of sewing scheduled once I get back from church.  It’s going to be filled with Orca Bay Mystery goodness.  This quilt was revealed and I LOVE it.

Here are the official numbers.

Used this Week:   0 yards

Used year to Date:   0  yards

Added this Week:    2 yards
Added Year to Date:    2 yards

Gifted to others:  0 yards
Gifted to me: 0 yards

Net Used for 2011:  -2 Yards of store bought fabric…0 yards of recycled fabric…0 yards gifted.

To see more stash reports, check out Patchwork Times.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report for the New Year!!”

  1. Happy New Year my friend! I ordered my Quilt Squares #1 the other day. I’m still working on Orca Bay and will be for some time. Still working on the Crumb A Long. I need to put a border on a Thrift Store Shirt Quilt – so I have plenty to do this year too! I just have never been able to figure out how to measure from the scrap bin to do a total yardage!

  2. Valerie Boudier

    To Donna, I think it was Bonnie Hunter at some time who reckoned to measure scrap quilt and add 25% for seams, which is what I now do

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