Stash Report: Connie’s Bag

The last time I saw Connie she brought a bag of goodies.  I set it aside and really didn’t dig into it.  I had been so busy doing the outside work around the house that the inside work got set aside…and the bag from Connie sadly got set aside.

Well then I had the revelation last week that I might someday do a Wild and Goosey quilt out of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I remember Connie saying she had sent Kaffe leftovers in the bag so I pulled the bag out and dug in!  Oh my…WONDERFUL.  Seriously, I think I can make a HUGE dent in making the quilt of Kaffe fabrics.  I’m so thrilled….but first I’m going to show you the other goodies in the bag.

LOTS of REDS!!  Connie knows I’m a red girl.  If a quilt is in two colors, my immediate go to is RED.  If a quilt needs an accent color, my immediate response is to pick RED.  If it’s at all appropriate, I pick reds for the binding.  Red just always works so these are very appreciated….Scraps are always my favorite.

There were a couple of other pieces that are farmhouse-y with shiplap and cows…Hmmm.  I wonder how I could work these into something.

Now for the Kaffe fabrics…there are some that still in a chunk….

…and some that are all bagged up in a scrap bundle.  AH…PERFECT!!  These scraps will be perfect for what the Wild and Goosey quilt.

I’m running around here doing the happy dance.  It’s good to feel enthused about a project.  I know it will be awhile before I actually sew on it but that’s way okay.  Come January, there will be no gardening or time to walk so I’ll have plenty of time to sew on it then.

Thanks a million Connie.  You know exactly what I like!!

10 thoughts on “Stash Report: Connie’s Bag”

  1. It always feels wonderful to be remembered by a friend, even when they’re tidying up small bits of fabric. That will provide a lot of sunny moments in the gloom of winter.

  2. Stearns Carol

    I love the shiplap and cows! You will get a box from me this tuesday with a cow themed fabric! Maybe it will go. Also, another box of yarn is coming your way as well. Thanks for all you do, sharing with others.

  3. I have been collecting Kaffe fabrics and waiting for the “perfect “pattern to use those gorgeous fabrics. Well I finally found the perfect pattern in your book! I am making Bohemian Rhapsody I cant wait to start cutting! My youngest daughter has just started her quilting journey and is making Connect Four from your book. When my other daughter sees your book I am sure she will find one or two quilts to add to her list. We are getting together tomorrow for a sewing day …. thank you Jo and Kelly for your beautiful patterns and the easy to follow instructions. This book will be well used by me and my girls. ❤️

  4. Off topic, but I can’t comment on your blog except on facebook.
    Some day I would appreciate tutorial on how you use your instapot. I got one for Christmas, but honestly, am afraid to use it. Have always been very afraid of pressure cookers! Love your blog.

  5. Do you get credit for clicking ads like Mary does at Country Threads? Just curious. Thanks. I enjoy reading your blog every day. I live in southeast Iowa.

  6. I’ve been buying kaffee scraps to make a log cabin quilt. There’s a place not far from me that makes precuts and sells the scraps for $1/lb. I’ve got more than I’ll use. What the min width strip that you would need for the wild and goose quilt?

    1. I think 1 1/4 is about the size I’d need for Wild and Goosey. I think I would adore a store that sells the scraps for precuts. It sounds fun!! Where are you from?

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