Stash Report and Wedding Flowers

This week marked my first week “back to normal” meaning the kids are at school…hubby’s busy and I am back to my “work” schedule.  It was wonderful.  Don’t me get me wrong…I love having the kids home.  I love talking to the kids on the phone during the day but I love structure that them same old same old.  I thrive on routine.  Routine is my best friend!!

I didn’t purchase any fabric…I didn’t sew any either though.  I have just been busy getting caught up on my work that has been set aside for too long.

On Saturday Kelli and I went down to Kayla’s.  We along with Kayla’s future mother-in-law, Julie, worked on doing the flowers for the wedding.

We got most of them done.  Julie  was planning on working on something for the flower girls.  Kayla was going to work on getting some bows for the corsages.

We didn’t make anything fancy,  but I like how they are so far.  Kayla’s going for a classy look and these are a good compliment.

Kayla’s biggest task now is to finish her bouquet.  Plans are for her to make a brooch bouquet.  She has everything collected.  Now she just needs to get it all together.

She originally planned on putting some dangled necklaces in the bouquet but after some talking and discussion I think we decided to leave the necklace out and just do with the brooches.  Consensus was that it would stay more in line with the classy look to leave the necklaces out.

Hopefully she’ll keep plugging away on it all.  The days are quickly sliding by.  Before we know it, November 17th will here.

My official stash report….

Used this Week:   0 yards
Used year to Date:   78  yards

Added this Week:   0 yards
Added Year to Date:    87 yards (25 from Moda)

Net Used for 2012:  -9 Yards of store bought fabric…19 yards of recycled fabric…

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Enjoy your Sunday and if you’re looking for more stash reports, head over to Patchwork Times.


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  1. Weddings, a double edge sword. We are so thrilled that our kids have the perfect life partner, and sad that they are grown up and moving on, even though they will still be in our lives, it will be different.

    The flowers are perfect.

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