Stash Report and Link Up

I finished my Odds and Ends quilt so I have fabric out…Ya Whoo!!  If you missed it you can follow this link to see it.

Today is suppose to be the link up to show the progress those of us making Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice have made.  Sadly…I’ve made none.  I don’t have a single block sewn together.



That’s what happens when a quilter drops everything to sew their daughter a double wedding ring quilt for her March 15th wedding.  As of last Monday I was this far.


I hoping that tomorrow when I show the progress on the quilt it will be double the size it is the photo.  If you missed the post on tips for making a double wedding ring quilt, you can find that post here.

But back to Celtic Solstice…it’s in the UFO pile.  As time allows I’ll be working on it again…but lately, time hasn’t been my friend.

Here’s the stash report numbers.

Used this Week:   13 yards

Used year to Date:  13 yards store bought +  15 Moda fabric + 5 yards of recycled fabric…

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times and Quiltville.

8 thoughts on “Stash Report and Link Up”

  1. Celtic Solstice will still be there after you finish the wedding quilt. My blocks are sewn, but I still need to put my CS top together. It will get done eventually!

  2. For how beautiful this quilt will be when finished, Kelli should incorporate it in with her wedding reception decorations.

  3. That really is a beautiful quilt! You are doing a fabulous job. Me I need some fabric to inspire me, not money to buy anything! I am buried in snow, homework and well for once in my life just really overloaded with it all. So it brightens my spirits to be able to look at things that you are doing. Thanks Jo I appreciate you!

  4. My Celtic Solstice is at the same place as yours. I also had to drop it for now to work on another quilt. The double wedding ring quilt is fabulous.

  5. So far, so good. Your Celtic Solstice will come into its own in due time; the beginning is promising. Your double wedding ring looks wonderful. Good luck with it and congratulations on gaining a son-in-law soon.

  6. Your DWR quilt is beautiful. Your daughter is more important than finishing the CS quilt in time for the link up. Mine is a bit further along, but the top is not finished by any means. Too many other demands on my time too.

  7. The double wedding ring quilt is going to be gorgeous! I would also have put my CS aside if I was in your shoes. You will get plenty of time to complete that one, important things first!

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