Stash Report and Just Precious Vintage

Saturday I went to Decorah.  I needed a prescription filled so I had an excuse…and there was an auction in town…and I could stop at the thrift stores.  I planned to go to Harmony after Decorah if there was time.  I had a big day planned.

I started out going to the auction first.  I wasn’t impressed.  There were a few things I was interested in but it looked like they would be at the end of the auction.  They were already selling coins…after that STACKS AND STACKS of comic books.  There was a never ending amount of Christmas and decorative things.  All of it was modern and completely not my style.  The furniture was that awkward aged furniture…just old enough that it wasn’t way modern and not old enough to we antique.  The place was PACKED.  No deals would be gotten with the crowd that was there.  I decided that I wasn’t sticking around for the few things I was interested and took off and did my errands.

The thrift stores were my first stop.  I had a load of things I was dropping off.  When I’m at an auction and I buy a box of treasures I take it home, sort through it and the things that I think might be desirable but not appropriate for our style of reselling, I box them up and move them out to the thrift stores.  Then I went in to shop.

I didn’t find much…two pieces of fabric came home with me.  When I got them home the piece of the left had five yards in it.  I thought I could use it for a backing for a quilt made with shirts.  The other bundle was fat quarters.  Six were in the bunch.  The bunches were 50 cents each.  Yahoo!!

From there I went to another thrift store.  I ended up finding clothes that I’ll pass along to the grand kids.  I found rain boots that look like fireman boots for Carver and clothes for Scotty.  I also got some 100% cotton shirts.  That’s about it.

Next up to Walmart for my prescription…(Remember the thing I came to town for)  Bahahaha…we all it was for junking I’m fooling no one…especially not Hubby.

From there I saw that my favorite little vintage shop was open.  It’s called Just Precious Vintage.  Find them here on Facebook.  I love going there.  The shop is tiny but oh-so cute.

The shop is open various weekends.  A daughter rents out her carriage house garage to her mom who sets up shop and sells her goodies a few weekends a month over the nice weather months.  I can’t go there without buying something.  I always love her stuff.  Take a look….

She loves buttons and threads and stitchy things.


It has a Victorian feel too.

Even though it’s small it’s loaded with things I love and aspire to.

You can see why it takes me so long to get through it all.

This makes me wish I could gut my sewing room and do this type of decorating instead.

While I shopped we chatter.  She’s the nicest gal…truly.  I love shop owners who treat their customers like family!!  She was working on a few collage pictures that were going to end up super cute.

There’s lots of white in the shop but hints of aqua….

Hints of green…all join in the mix.

I dug through some drawer pulls and was going to buy some.  I need two matching ones for a project but decided I better wait and see if Hubby had some in his stash.

I did end up buying something…any guesses on what???

This.  The basket she had magazines in.  I love these for project baskets.

From here…I went back to the auction…that that’s a story that’s to be continued.  Stop back on Tuesday for the rest of the story.

4 thoughts on “Stash Report and Just Precious Vintage”

  1. I’ve got some thrift store shirts that I’m about to stick into a box and send to you. I keep thinking I”m going to do something with them but I already made one thirfty quilt and not aiming to do another one. I love reading your blogs and that shop is super cute, I agree. But I”m over that. I used up about 15 yds of stash just this week making two quilt tops and working on an FMQ project with the Westalee rulers.

    1. Bravo for using up so much….I’m still on a stand still. I’m hoping to get back to the quilting room more but it might have to wait until auction/garden season is over!!

  2. I enjoy your blog just so you know. I saw the black old dial phone, that’s what I want.

    I talk to children 6-10ish about the changes that have happened that I am aware of in my life time so from my age 5 and up.

    They are amazed but then we talk about what will come about in their lifetimes such interesting conversations

    So I remember TV was black and white no remotes my father woke up when we clicked the channel changing knob

    “Home phone” with cord one per house

    No Velcro

    No home computer
    So many changes the phone I could show them
    Oh “roll the window” down in the car they say it but they push a button so we show then old cars with crank windows they are so amazed to find out about that expression
    The children tell me to “pause” when I am talking but they have to use the bathroom or such I tell them “pause” expression is new

    So fun
    I need a black dial phone

  3. What a cute little shop and love how she used the printers tray to hold some of the smaller items. The magazine rack is a cute item and would be perfect for storing a project. Sounds like you got a lot of stops in for one day.

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