Stash Report and Goodwill Karma

My daughter Kayla claims there is a such thing as “Goodwill Karma”.  It simply means we know we want or are looking for something and then amazingly a short time later we find it a Goodwill.  I, however, believe that it’s God watching out for us and meeting our needs.

As I told you last week, I unearthed the treadmill in the garage.  The next thing I needed to unearth…my walking shoes.  I always keep two pair…one for good clean walking-like for on the treadmill or if we go up to the fitness center and one for outside.  When I walk the field paths here my shoes get dingy and sometimes a little muddy.  I don’t both cleaning them as they are just my outside walking shoes.  When I checked out my shoes…UGH.  My old outside shoes were getting a bit bad.  The padding around my ankles was just not good anymore.

Monday I ran errands and decided that once I got home, I would order a new pair.  I’m a little picky.  I always buy the same shoe ASICS Women’s GT-2000 Running Shoe.  I don’t run in them but really like the fit and style.  As I was driving I decided I would break out of my white shoe conservative self and order black and maybe even be a little risky and get some neon or bright coloring on them.  Just as I was leaving town I decided to just take five minutes and bop into Goodwill.

As a walked past the shoes there was a lady restocking the shelves.  I went and checked out the areas that have fabric and sewing machines.  I grabbed one piece of fabric and headed towards the cash register to pay when I looked towards the shoe section and there the lady was putting out gym shoes.  I went on over there were these….


About brand new ASICS Women’s GT-2000 Running Shoe…I held my breath and yep..there they were- size 10 1/2!!!  Perfect for me!!  I didn’t see a price on them so I asked the lady putting the shoes out.  She said, “$3.50”.  YES!!!


I was off to the counter to pay for the shoes and my fabric….even the fabric had a little “Goodwill Karma” to it.  I’ve been wanting more brights as most of the quilts we’re been making lately feature bright fabrics.  Here’s my 3/4 yard for $.75.


We did have a finished project this week but sadly, it was Kelli’s and not mine.  You can see it here if you missed it.

Used this Week:   0 yards

Used year to Date:  28 yards store bought +  15 Moda fabric + 5 yards of recycled fabric…

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times.

8 thoughts on “Stash Report and Goodwill Karma”

  1. I have OFTEN gone to Goodwill praying I would be able to find what I needed, and then did find it. I truly believe that when we know what we need, that God provides it for us if it is in His plan. Of course I then thank Him for my Goodwill find, and make sure I use it properly.
    (Not just stick it on a shelf or in a bin for ‘someday’.) Hurray for you finding the kind of shoes you needed!

  2. Congratulations on both, but especially the shoes! I wear those same shoes and love them and for $3.50 a pair, I would buy 100 pairs if I had the chance!! You are so lucky. I love to go to our local Goodwill, and donate there regularly, but never have very much luck. Either they just don’t have anything good in their store, or my timing is off. :)

  3. A couple of years ago, the kids and I drove up to the thrift stores in Portland for the day. Teenage Daughter wanted a pair of white leather roller skates, like something in a movie she’d seen…with pink wheels. And guess what she found at the first store, in her size, for five bucks? There was an older lady watching her try them on, gushing about what a great find they were. She had NO idea! :-)

    We had a similar thing happen a few years earlier when she was little and saw a coat that she absolutely loved (new) for $40. It was black fake fur and not at all practical. A week later, we found one that had everything that was perfect about the first coat, plus some cuter touches for $12. She wore that thing to death.

    And she learned at an early age that if you just hang in there and it was meant to be, a better, more affordable option tends to turn up. :-)

  4. I love thrift stores. Can’t begin to count how much great fabric I’ve bought for $1a yard. Once found a new hikers backpack for$3. That went home with me too.

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