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You might remember a couple weeks ago I had said that I cut into some fabric so I could sew the background for my Santa Fe String Star quilt and had a complication.  I cut the size the pattern said but it seemed to small.


I’m not blaming the pattern instructions at all.  There are LOTS of pieces coming together here and easily my sewing could be off.  Also string blocks tend to stretch easily so it’s likely all me.

After I cut into the fabric I originally had I was left with a chunk of fabric that no longer works….so off to the store.  I’m trying this piece now.


Part of me is really hesitant.  I think I’d prefer a light background.  I’ve mentioned that to Hubby and to Kelli and both of them think red.  Hmm.  I think that’s one of the reasons that this has only gotten this far along and then left to sit….the light background calls to me.  Feel free to chime in and let me know what you think.  Has anyone seen one with a neutral background?

While I was at the store I also bought some swaddle cloth but that’s already sewn up and out of here.  See here’s the happy mommy with the sewn cloth.

I’m a little late with today’s post…forgive me.

A craving for these took over my morning…  cinnamon rolls..


I put this picture on my Instagram account and Kalissa and Craig were here in no time flat!  That meant I had to make brunch too.

Family first…right?!  I had hungry tummies to feed.

26 thoughts on “Stash Report and Advice”

  1. Kalissa looks beautiful!! Motherhood is agreeing with her!
    As for the quilt, personally I would use a different neutral for each triangle. (Squares cut big, trim down later!) I know that you are a red girl, so maybe a single red for the border. I myself would just bind it with the red.
    Can’t wait to hear what others think.

  2. I love your star but I think I would prefer a much lighter or neutral color to set it off as opposed to the red setting but would like to see a picture with neutral! Kalissa looks so happy ~ what a beautiful mama – to – be!!

  3. Heck, if I’d seen those rolls I might have come from 3 states away! How nice that you had an impromptu brunch. Gotta take those while you can.

    As for the background? I’d lay out a bunch of fabric that is light/neutral and the red side by side and then lay that stripped star over it so you can see them both side-by-side. Then, take a picture of that and also use the picture to decide. I find that gives me more distance to see something “whole” and sometimes something I really like (or don’t like) pops out more in a pictures. Honestly? I think it would be stunning on navy or black. Not that I’m not complicating the matter.

  4. I agree with Robby. Lay it out over something light, then over the red. Take pictures and see which one you prefer. Is it for you? If so go with what your gut is telling you. Those rolls look yummy.

  5. I think a neutral background with a red border would look great. Can’t wait to see what you decide on, it will be great!

  6. Lesson you have probably learned in the past and may need a reminder….go with what your first thoughts were. I agree with “test driving” neutrals, red, and maybe a dark. The real test is to take a picture of the star with each one. If you are not happy with the background choice then I am afraid you will regret all the hard work on that star. Your choices on all the other quilts I have seen are excellent. Trust your feelings for this quilt.

  7. I think red would make a great scrappy, modern quilt. It would definitely make the scrappy star the focal point. I also think a neutral would also look good; depends on what kind of overall look you are going for and the feelings you would like the quilt to evoke. What about black or navy?

  8. Kalissa looks like a happy mom to be. As far as the star background, I love the color of your floor with the star. Could you find something that color? Otherwise, I agree with your idea of a more neutral background.

  9. I think I would go with a medium neutral… a little more than ivory but not as much as tan but red is my least favorite color so I’m a little biased. What about outlining the star in a thin red piece then making the rest of the background lighter? It would make the star stand out against the background but would also be lots of work.

  10. I’m going out on a limb to suggest something different. I am envisioning either a cheddar or a dark seafoam green (such as Kona color–pistachio green) background. Can’t wait to see what you pick!

  11. I’d say no to red. I like the neutral idea or a tone on tone fabric with a subtle design. I also love text fabric. Maybe a black and white fabric with tiny newsprint text on it? You could use a black binding. I love black in a quilt. It “grounds” it for me. Just a thought. I’d be afraid of the red bleeding too.

  12. I looked on pinterest for Bonnie Hunter string star quilts and saw one with black background and one that used orange/cheddar strings for the background. It’s hard to say which I liked best. I agree with those who suggested putting the star on different colors and take pictures and see what ‘pops’ for you. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  13. Those rolls sure look good! Like a previous commenter; the colour of your wood floor against the star appeals to me.

  14. This pattern is so great and would look good with any color background but the name is Santa Fe String Star with emphasis on the Santa Fe. Thinking southwest.

    Cinnamon rolls look awfully good.


  15. Personally, I would go with the red as it is striking. but this is your project. Go with your gut and test drive the neutrals and see how you feel. Then make your decision.

  16. Are you likely to keep this quilt? If so, since red is one of your favorite colors, maybe you should use red. If you are not going to keep it, then try out other colors to see what looks best. Maybe it does not need to be a plain color, what about a tone on tone print?

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