Stash Report and A Sneak Peak at Country Threads

This week my Cheddar and Blue quilt was featured over at Moda Bake Shop.   You can see it here…and there’s two great giveaways you can sign up for there too.

Used this Week:   12 yard
Used year to Date:   13  yards

Added this Week:    12 yards
Added Year to Date:    16.5  yards

Gifted to others:  0 yards
Gifted to me: Moda fabric 12 yards

Net Used for 2012:  -3.5 Yards of store bought fabric…0 yards of recycled fabric…0 yards gifted. To see more stash reports check out Patchwork Times

I am proud to say I went over to Country Threads last week and didn’t buy even one little piece of fabric…I know I had just been there in December but as much as I love Country Threads, I have never actually met the Mary and Connie in person.  They invited me over for a visit and who could resist that…not me!  We chatted and Mary took me out for lunch at a great little Mexican place in Garner.  I had a great time.

While I was there, I snapped a few photo so I could show you…..Here’s Mary’s Four Patch.


Mary told me that they have made the shop model three times.  The kit for the quilt keeps getting sold out and the fabric is then not available, so they end up making the shop sample again with a new line of fabric and kit it up all over again.  I am amazed what a beauty of a quilt that little four patch can make.

Here’s a close up of the quilt hanging above the Four Patch Quilt.  This one is a Primitive Gatherings pattern.  The triangles are tiny.  I’ve been working with small pieces and finding that I am no longer afraid of them.  This quilt is tempting….


Here’s another Primitive Gathering pattern that is tempting me…oh I love those little pieces.


Remember that paper pieced pattern that I bought last time I was at Country Threads…the one with the paper piecing that I haven’t gotten to yet?  Look…here’s another paper pieced beauty.


Here is a Round Robin monthly sampler quilt.   Oh…this tempted me.  I would love to make the quilt.  It was hard to get a good photo.  The quilt was hung on the slant of the ceiling.


Here Country Threads’ version of a Miss Rosie quilt.  I had seen this pattern before but it didn’t really appeal to me….then I saw Country Threads’ version and am looking at the pattern in a different light.


If I ever finish my current wool project, I think I just might purchase the goodies to make this….


I also noticed that Country Threads is carrying patterns from a new to me designer Geoff’s Mom…I really like her work.  They had more of her patterns which were so, so tempting.


Oh…there really are so many projects and truly too little time.  After seeing all that great stuff…aren’t you proud of me for not purchasing any fabric??

15 thoughts on “Stash Report and A Sneak Peak at Country Threads”

  1. I am trying not to buy any fabric also. Every time I look in my fabric cupboard, I think I might be a fabric hoarder. I have more fabric and patterns than I will ever use in my lifetime!

  2. HA!! You may not have bought anything but I just ordered 2 of Geoff’s Moms patterns!! and I would have bought that 4 patch kit in a split second!

  3. I can’t even imagine having such a wonderful store near me. I love seeing the pictures from there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’m glad you got to meet and visit with Mary and Connie. They are so nice! I only get to Country Threads once a year for camp and I LOVE it! Wish I lived closer.

  5. Definitely that you were able to hold out with such tempting possibilities. The one from the ceiling was just too hard to look at! I’m working on my Log Cabin UFO today! Sandi

  6. Country Threads looks like a great shop. It’s good that it’s so far away from me….less temptation that way. From your pictures I think the atmosphere there must be similar to what Vogie’s in Dodge, NE used to be, and I could spend SO much time there just trying to see everything, never mind buying. I was always glad that it was around 80-90 miles away. :)

  7. From your pictures, I’ve added a couple of more quilts to my to-do list. I love the pin wheel quilt almost as much as the 4-patch quilt. That 4-patch just pops, and what a nice way to use some of my scraps on that pin wheel quilt. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. I am on a no fabric diet due to just moving into our new house. So its a good thing- we have a new place to live and I have all kinds of electrical outlets that work!! I can even have the coffee going while I am sewing! However being I just got back into quilting it sucks cuz I have limited fabric to go with what I have laying around. So I am being patient and using my scraps on the Crumb blocks, which really have been fun! I will have to get fabric in the future…. I need a quilting fairy!! LOL

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