Stash Report….and a silly.

Silly first…then a stash report….I was busy cutting up this stack of Moda fabric.  It’s Reunion from Sweetwater and should be in stores next month.


As I was cutting the fabric, I thought it odd that one of the fabrics was similar to newspaper print.


I wonder for a minute…what the fabric might say, so I picked a piece up and read…


Here on the fabric it said, “Charles City, Lawler, Waucoma, Hawk(eye).”  I stopped in disbelief.  Those are Iowa towns…that’s MY town.  How did my population 257 town get on the fabric?  Who knows!  It just seemed SO odd.  Being the fabric is just part of a jelly roll, I couldn’t read the whole article.  Now I want some yardage so I can see what the whole things says…. that was the silly now onto the stash report.

Nothing to report.  I am thinking that next week, some numbers are going to roll.  I have two quilts with tops and backing done so if I can get something into the quilting machine, number will be a changing.

Here are the official numbers.

Used this Week:   0 yards

Used year to Date:   0  yards

Added this Week:    2.5 yards
Added Year to Date:    4.5  yards

Gifted to others:  0 yards
Gifted to me: 0 yards

Net Used for 2012:  -4.5 Yards of store bought fabric…0 yards of recycled fabric…0 yards gifted.

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8 thoughts on “Stash Report….and a silly.”

  1. Jo, looks like an interesting tale of a Smith Reunion… do you know any Smiths? BTW your date on your stash report is still showing 2011, (It always takes me some time to get it right)

  2. Not silly at all! If I saw my hometown of Lancaster, Va on a piece of fabric, you better believe I’d buy some yardage! Have a great week!

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