Stash Report…and a mystery question.

Here’s a question I recently got from Carol, “I’ve been reading your blog and know how you love Bonnie’s projects…so I’m coming to you for a consultation….I really want to do the new one that will be starting later this month…my quandary is that I am a Civil War reproduction kind of girl so this color palette is making me struggle.  Then I had a thought…if I changed the orange to red and the yellow to gold and kept the blue and green I’d could do it…but not having done any of Bonnie’s mysteries I’m not totally sure.  Would you share your thoughts with me please.  I’d love to do this, but don’t want a huge mess.  I’ve been quilting since the late 70’s, owned a quilt shop and picked out tons of fabric for other people so I’m not ever this unsure..I guess because it’s a mystery I’m having a tough time visualizing.  Thanks so, so much for your help.”

I love that Carol has confidence in me to ask (I haven’t seen a complete mystery quilt so I know as much as any of you)…but this is a bit of a hard one…but then after thinking about it, I guess it was actually an easy question.  I went to Google for some help.  Check out this link.  There are lots of Easy Street images.  Check here too.  There are LOTS of pictures of Easy Street quilts.  Some followed Bonnie’s colors…some didn’t.  Is there a single on in the bunch that I don’t like…NO.  I like them all.

I happen to do TWO Easy Streets last year. (I won’t be doing that this year)  Here is a peek at quilt one.  This is Civil Wars…the colors aren’t Bonnie’s as mine  doesn’t have purple but pinks instead.

Here is a peak at quilt two.  It is not even close to Bonnie’s colors.  Do you hate either one??  I don’t.  I just wish I had it quilted but it’s too big for my quilt frame.  UGH!  I didn’t follow Bonnie’s suggestions at all!!  This is rust, green, brown and cheddar.  Even the neutrals are really dark and almost mediums.

I have noticed that sometimes the color makes the star pop and sometimes it blends more.  Certainly I like some better than others but mostly because green isn’t my favorite color or this one would match my room better.  Honestly, there has never been a single Easy Street quilt that I have seen that I thought yuck!

I’ve seen them with black backgrounds and like them too.  Honestly Carol…you can’t go wrong. light of all this, I am working on the colors I am selecting for the mystery.  I am again doing mine in Civil War reproductions.  I am using yellows to golds, cheddars, greens and blues along with neutrals.  Am I nervous…no!!  As of today, I have never-ever not liked a Bonnie quilt that I’ve made.

I did pick up a few fabrics to add to my stash for the mystery……some just for fun.


This stash report I am blaming on Bonnie.  Had I not needed a new more greens and cheddars, I would have never ordered fabric.

I did get the charity quilts finished…the tops and backing were provided for some of the quilts but I did provide some of the fabric.  If you missed the five charity quilts you can see them here.

Used this Week:   3 yards store bought

Used year to Date:  181 yards store bought +  48.5 Moda fabric + 56.5 yards of recycled fabric…

To see more stash reports, check out Patchwork Times.

Today I am grateful for my thrifting hobby and those that help make it possible.  I just love thrifting-upcycling and redoing.  I love that there are generous people who give away to Goodwill, thrift stores or simply resell things so that I can hunt and find them.   I love the people who aren’t necessarily out to make massive money from their resale too…making things affordable and fun for me.  Today Hubby and I are out on an adventure to pick up a thrifted item I found.  It just makes my heart happy…time with Hubby and a new thrifty treasure.  So for you who are donating to Goodwill and similar places….THANK YOU.  I am grateful for you!

12 thoughts on “Stash Report…and a mystery question.”

  1. I am also changing the colors of Bonnie’s mystery. The colors didn’t sing to me. The green, neutral and gold are staying, Orange is going to rust red and the blue to black. I would say about picking your colors is find 4 colors you like together, from a picture or another quilt and us that as your picks. If you liked something before, you are ,likely going to like it again!

  2. I’m changing mine too. I’ve been stash busting this year, so I didn’t have enough of more than one color to do this quilt, so I found a collection I liked with several colors and neutrals and ordered a fat quarter bundle. I’m using blue, green, red for orange, and peachy pinks for yellow. The fabrics are more French Country than Celtic, so I’m renaming mine French Country Solstice.

  3. I am also changing my colors. I am using muted greens and oranges, Navy with hints of teal, and gray instead of yellow. The colors felt very primary, so i wanted to take my own spin on the quilt and I am excited about my choices

  4. I am doing the new mystery, and am also struggling with her color choices. I am not an orange kind of girl! I was toying with using all Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics, or all batiks on black; still, I decided to go with her colors because I have never done one of her mysteries before, and wanted to be “safe”. I think you could do CW repros, and I like your color swaps. I think you will need to be careful of the contrasts on the blues and greens – so many CWs walk the fine line between the two. I also think you can pull some fabrics that are not CWs, but work well with them. From what I have seen, Bonnie’s quilts are so busy that they would blend right in. Can’t wait to see it!

  5. I’m changing the light neutrals to black and I’m using solids instead of a mix of prints. There is someone who I need to make a quilt for who these colors will be perfect for only they are more of a “modern” person so I decided that single color solids would likely be better. We’ll see in the end I suppose. I know that even if the quilt doesn’t appeal to them when it’s done that I will probably love it no matter what. Can’t go wrong with a Bonnie quilt! :D

  6. I’m changing up my colors also, I have a pile of Kansas Troubles that I’m working with. Mine will be very different: tans, green, black,burgundy. The white will become the tans as for the placment of the others I’m not sure yet.

  7. I’m staying with Bonnie’s colorway as I did last year, with 1 change. I don’t have a lot of tan/neutral but I do have a ton of black on white, and I mean a ton! So, I’m changing that part up. I did last year’s exactly as Bonnie had designed and I was THRILLED with it.

    I think choosing the colorway is a personal preference. I think if you change it up it’s fine because in the end it’s for you and if her colors don’t “sing” then make them your own.

    Peggy in NJ

  8. I’m doing Bonnie’s mystery in civil war too because that’s what I have tons of and I need to use it. For the orange I’m using cheddars (love cheddars), for the yellows I’m going with golds and a little chrome yellow, and I’m just mixing my blues and greens with civil war prints. My neutrals will be more toward darker creams and tans with some shirtings thrown in. With Bonnie’s quilts the more fabrics the better. Can’t wait for it to start! I’ve never seen a “Bonnie” quilt I didn’t like. I was at a shop Friday and five people were buying fabric for this mystery. They weren’t worried about what kind of fabric they were just going by the swatches. They had civil war, brights, traditional, kids prints, solids. They said with Bonnie it was small pieces so it wouldn’t matter. Good point!

  9. I found a beautiful fabric that I’ve had for years that will make a fantastic border. Brown with red and pink roses. So, my colors are dark brown, green, red, pink, and shirtings. All are from Civil War fabrics, but I’ll make sure my greens are the brighter variety. I’ll email a picture to you that you’re welcome to forward to the poster of the question so she can get a visual of other colors.

  10. Pat C in Washingon

    I have never seen a color variation from Bonnie’s “official” instructions on any of her quilts that I thought was seriously awful. Some of them have given me new inspiration with their color combinations. I am so impressed with people that think outside the box and just wing it (well, possibly with a teeny bit of help from a color wheel).

  11. I think changing up the colors in any quilt is a way to make it uniquely yours. I’ve made a couple of Bonnie’s mysteries. In Roll Roll Cotton Bowl I used my colors, so it was more of a subtle Christmas quilt, red, green, gold and cream. I loved the way it turned out. Last year I used Bonnie’s colors even though I had to buy most of the greens and turquoise fabrics. I tend to like the civil war and country colors more than the brights. I loved it as well. I don’t think Carol can go wrong making the changes she mentioned. Go for it Carol!

  12. I think a Civil War repros will be fabulous. I recently saw one done by Vic in NH and it was wonderful. It’s in the Quiltville chat group photo files.

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