Stash Report…and a FINISH!!

WeEEE-HA!!  I finished a quilt.  This is my version of Judy at Patchwork Times’ quilt Making Ends Meet.  It’s a free pattern on Judy’s site.  I am calling it my October UFO…I have lost track of my UFO list.  This was in the pile of things that hadn’t been touched in a LONG time so I am just calling it my October UFO.


I had intended to make the borders but I didn’t have enough of the background fabric and couldn’t find anything that matched so I improvised and made this version with more blocks instead.  If you remember my Christmas gift mishap last year with the wrong colored fabric?  I had wanted navy fabric and ended up with this teal fabric.  Well, I finally found a place to use some of that teal fabric.  It’s the dark teal in this quilt.  I still have some left but I am gradually slicing it up and getting it out of my stash.

All of the fabric for this was from my stash.  I even got to use up some odds and ends and orphan blocks in the backing.


It’s not the most gorgeous back but it will do.  I love pieced backs…hubby hates them.  He thinks the pieced backs make it look like you the quilter was too cheap to purchase enough fabric.   This quilt isn’t staying here…it’s a confirmation gift quilt.  It’s just single sized 72″ x 90″.   The gal I am giving it to is college bound so maybe it will be a college dorm quilt or a back seat of the car quilt…I hope she likes it.


I was so nervous about using that heavily printed background fabric but I love it.  The colors of the quilt are something I would have never put together except that I was determined to use my stash.

I am SO happy to a finished quilt…If you want to check out more finished UFO’s check out Patchwork Times.

So my official stash report….

Used this Week:   9 yards

Used year to Date:   189.5  yards

Added this Week:    0
Added Year to Date:    163.5 yards

Gifted:  81 yards

Net Used for 2011:  26 Yards of store bought fabric…9.5 yards of recycled fabric….81yards gifted.

…and to see more stash reports, head on over to Patchwork Times.

19 thoughts on “Stash Report…and a FINISH!!”

  1. The quilt looks great – I like the pieced back. It looks great and it’s nice that there is something interesting on the back. Plain fabric sometimes just looks so plain.

  2. I like pieced backs, but my husband would agree with yours. Of course my first pieced back did leave a bit to be desired. We’ve finally come to an agreement — I’ll continue to piece my backs, but I’ll attempt to make them look “deliberate” as opposed to willy nilly. Ironically, my willy nilly pieced back that he remembers so vividly and I did because I was too cheap to buy more fabric is the side of the quilt my niece loves!

  3. My husband might agree — but I don’t want to hear the answer, so I’m not about to ask him! I love pieced backs — they’re so much more interesting than one solid expanse of fabric.

  4. I’m with you on the pieced backs. I love them. When I first started making quilts, I’d use muslin. That really is boring, IMHO. Besides, I need to use up my stash. Thanks for sharing. It’s a lovely quilt, back and front.

  5. The background fabric is great; I really like this quilt, and the backing. It is so fun to turn a quilt back and be surprised by a pieced backing :)

  6. Oh, I love that quilt! I would not have put those together either, but they look great together. And i love the pieced back too. Good use of orphan blocks.

  7. I really like this quilt….but then i like most all scrap quilts. I must go over to Making Ends Meet and check out this pattern. Lucky College gal.

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