Stash Report…all about wool

When I was thrifting I found some great wool pieces. They were $1 each.  YAHOO!!

If you have purchased wool before, you know that that is a steal for wool.  Both are in excellent shape and there is yardage of each.

Kelli was here a couple weeks ago during my big sewing room redo and sorted my wool.  I have a lot.  I aspire to do wool projects but lack of organization and time have prevented me….I also have about four other hobbies that I love so it’s so hard to pick and choose.

I did promise Kelli no more wool….but these two are perfect and the price…PERFECT!  So I bought them.  I have projects in mind for them….

Remember the Buttermilk Basin projects Kelli and I want to do?  These are the patterns I bought.

I think the purple would be perfect for the NEST project.

Kelli bought these….

A Year of Hexi WORD Door Greeters * August KIT & Pattern

I thought somehow the wool might work with these.  I’m so wish that I had more hours in the day…there are truly so many projects and so little time.

3 thoughts on “Stash Report…all about wool”

  1. I received my Woolie Matt pressing mat today in the mail, I can’t wait to try it out! By following several blogs I have followed for some time
    Thank you

  2. I do a lot of wool. In fact I just prepped the Fall hexi Buttermilk Basin hanging . For me the secret is to prep the projects so they are ready when I have a few minutes .

  3. Buttermilk Basin has some wonderful patterns and I love the look of all those cute projects but wool is something I promised myself not to collect, lol. Your two pieces are a real find for that cost, glad you added them to the textile collection.

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