Stash Report a BIG ONE!!

A week or two ago one of our blog reader, Corinne, contacted me and asked if I was interested in some fabric.  Well who says not to that question??  NOT ME!  I just say, “Thank you for thinking of me and YES PLEASE!”

Corrine had said she had lots…I never dreamed this much?!?!


There was not only all of that but also a box of big batting scraps too!!

The box was delivered towards the end of the day.  I only had two kids left at childcare and the four year old LOVES opening boxes…really loves it.  She was begging and begging to open the box.  I relented telling her it was fabric and I didn’t think she would think that was very exciting.

Minute later the box was open and she was happy with the fabric.  She immediately took out a stack of five inch charm squares and started laying them out.  Then she unfolded a bigger piece and put that on the coffee table as a table cloth.  Then she wanted a piece to wrap around her for a skirt…and then mommy came.  She had lots of fun and I did too.

After she left I sorted it all into color piles.  I store fabric that way and it works for me.

I can’t believe all the wonderful fabric in the bunch.  Typically when I get fabric that has been given to me there are never very many neutral or light colored cream/white pieces.  In the box from Corinne there was lots.  That made me extra happy.  I am beginning to have a whole new appreciation for neutrals…in fact I think it’s now my favorite ones to collect.

Thanks a bunch Corinne.  I can’t wait for the cupboard in the garage to get refinished….I really want to get that gem into my sewing room and for the fabric to get on it.  Good news…Hubby has been sanding on it!!  Dare I hope that it get done by the end of summer??

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7 thoughts on “Stash Report a BIG ONE!!”

  1. Oh if only I could find a few of those fairy-s, I envy you., If you ever have a bit to clear out-send them my way, Please!

  2. Brenda Ackerman

    How wonderful for you! Have a wonderful time playing and sewing with all of those magnificent fabrics! I was given almost every piece of fabric that I own. It is superb that fellow quilters are such generous people; without the fabulous gifts, I doubt I would have gotten so excited about making quilts. Have a great day!

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