Stash Report…

Apology number one:  No photo-Last week we got in LOTS of scraps from Nancy in PA.  I was sure I had a picture of the boxes but can’t find it anywhere and we already made our way through the boxes sorting and organizing so that we can use them with our scraps.  Kelli had an idea for a baby quilt and quickly grabbed up some pieces.  Kayla grabbed a few pieces as she is looking for some 80’s print calico type fabric for a project she is working on.  Some we cut into strings waiting for the day we can sew strings….THANKS Nancy…we loved your scraps!!

Apology number two: No name-I got these little bags of goodies in from two other blog readers and guess what??


I can’t find the envelopes that they came in and I can’t credit the kind people who sent them.  I am just frustrated with myself about that.  But look at my table!?!?!  Who knows where in this mess envelopes with the names and notes went.

These came in just before my nieces and nephews came to visit last weekend so they got moved around when the kids were using the table to weave potholders and then again when they were playing board games.  The envelopes just seemed to have vanished and now there is stuff all over the table.  At this point even me who hates cleaning wants a day that I can clean.  YUCK.

Let’s just say if I live through house remodel with an inch of sanity left I’ll be surprised.  I just have no time to do anything but work or be at the house.  I know this will pass but ARGH>>> I hate that I can’t properly thank people.

Anyway.  Thank you to you who have sent scraps.  I really do appreciate it.  I also apologize for not thanking you properly.

I didn’t finish anything this week so no fabric out.

Here’s the official report.

Used this Week:  0 yards

Used year to Date:  74 yards store bought +  54 Moda and gifted fabric + 10 yards of recycled fabric… To see other stash reports, check out Patchwork Times.

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