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Kelli and I went on an adventure yesterday.  Nothing too far…just up to Osage, Iowa.  I’ll tell you more about the trip next week.  For now I need to tell you about the fabric I bought.

This bit is all nurse related.  It was ironic that I found it as our daughter, Kalissa, took her LPN board testing yesterday too.  Anyway…I have no idea what I am going to make with any of it.  I might just make a couple pot holders..or a lunch bag or some other kind of bag.


The bottom piece is all nurse related sayings.  I hope some fun idea strikes me of something I can make with it.

While we were there I also picked up one with saying related to quilting on it.


Again…no idea what I’m going to do with it.

Likely I will keep all of this in a cupboard for years and years and wonder why I ever bought it.  Who knows??  Or maybe next week I’ll whip up a couple pot holders for her and surprise her (and myself).

Regardless…that’s what came to my house today.

Can you believe that I was so busy looking in the shop that I forgot to take pictures??  What was I thinking???  I did look online and I didn’t see that they had a website but I did see that another blogger reviewed the shop.  You can find her review and lots of pictures of the shop here.

No fabric out this week…I didn’t get my quilt bound…next week I guess.

Here’s the official report.

Used this Week:  16 yards

Used year to Date:  57 yards store bought +  54 Moda and gifted fabric + 6 yards of recycled fabric… To see other stash reports, check out Patchwork Times.

6 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I’ve bought several of those printed sayings and have not used them yet. We were just down to the Block Party, at Nevada, (IA), and took a short tour of where they are printed. Check there website – lots of ideas. Also love to get up to Osage to Debbie’s, we love her shop also. From northern Iowa. . . .

  2. Jo, my daughter just graduated with her BSN. I used these fabrics and many other nursing themed fabrics in a quilt and just gave it to her at graduation on May 9th. As soon as I can, I’ll send along a pic for you to see how it inspired me.

  3. Oh what a neat idea! I wonder if I can find it in my area. My Cousin after a lot of urging has gone back to school for her LPN and will be going on she says for the RN. I hope so she is too bright. BTW, It was one of the best things I ever did for myself, get my LPN and then after MANY yrs I returned and did my RN, eventually my BSN. I like the idea of of pot holders too! Might just do that!

  4. I just saw a quilt someone had done with motto’s. They used them as the center of a log cabin. Don’t know how big the squares with the words would be but the log cabin is pretty adaptable. My sister has also done that with novelty fabrics I send her. ( I look for really challenging fabrics to send her and she never lets me down with her creativity)

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