Stash Report

Hubby kidnapped me last week and set a course for a house hunting.  I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow as it’s too much for one blog post.  I’ll just tell you about my thrift finds as it involves fabric!!

There is a thrift store in Manchester, Iowa.  I knew about it as the ladies from the quilt there told me about it.  Well Hubby and I pulled in and went to the door.  We’d never been there before so knew little about it except what the ladies had told me.

We opened the door to shop when we were told-“Sorry, we’re not open….but you aren’t from here are you?”  I said no, we’d just heard about the shop and decided to stop as we were traveling through.  She said-“Oh just go in and shop then”.

We did…and what luck I had!!!

Two shoe boxes of fabric-  $2 each.  It’s all scrap but that’s just fine with me!!


Yep more scrap.  $2 for a gallon sized bag stuffed full.  No I didn’t buy all of them…almost.  I left the cordory the flannel and one other bag.  All this is going to be sorted.  I think a lot will make it into my strings box.


I got a runner for the house.  It’s 8 foot long and was $5.  I’m not sure where it will go but with all hardwood floors, I’ll need rugs.


Here are two treadle sewing machine drawers…50 cents each.  I’ll have Hubby work a little magic on them and shine them up a bit.  The thread came with a ruler too.. that was $1.50.


The bag of insulated batting was $1.  I was just thinking I need new hot pads for the new house so this was perfect!!  I also got the afghan.  It was $12…but the colors are perfect and I love it.


That was my haul…pretty good for a quick 15 minute stop.  I am just tickled with all my purchases.  Better yet, all the money I spent goes for a good cause.  THANKS so much Manchester volunteers for letting me shop!!  You can bet I’ll stop next time on my way through.

So for my stash report…we did get our cover quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting back.  You can see that here….

I also finished up Kelli’s project.  You can see that here.  I provided the backing and binding for that.

Used this Week:   10 yards

Used year to Date:  52 yards store bought +  23 Moda fabric + 5 yards of recycled fabric…

6 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I have a rather large Stash right now! I have shopped thrift stores from Alaska to Oregon. Several times going across the Canadian prairies etc. Never left a bargain! I seldom buy fabric in a fabric store anymore! I like shopping in my own!! I hit the local shops about every other week.
    #1 rule.. pick up any cotton fabric that may look good.. including scraps.
    #2 rule… Do NOT take fabric to work room when getting home.. put in the laundry basket and wash. That way everything in my stash is ready to work with.

  2. I love that afghan! Looks like it uses the double-crochet stitch, which, like filet crochet, would be a good way to get squares.

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