Stash Report

Goodwill and the thrift store were good to me again.

Here’s my latest acquisition.   The red and brown each have two yards each.  I paid $1 for the red and $2 for the brown.  The red I’ve already used a bit of it.

The white is silk matka.  There is about a yard of it there.  The fabric is really expensive, something like $20 a yard.  It’s great for doing stitching designs.  I first learned about it from the gals at Country Threads.  It’s a wonderful product.  I haven’t been doing a lot of stitching lately but I was willing to spend the 50 cents for the piece just to have it in the closet when I want it.

The blue is a yard’s worth too…another 50 cent buy.

By no means could I sew with only the stuff I buy thrifted but it sure makes it fun sewing when I know part of what I have I got on the cheap.

This week I had a finish but it was a charity finish and all the fabric including the binding was sent by the gift-er so nothing for me to report.  If you missed that quilt, you can see it here.

Used this Week:   0 yards

Used year to Date:  42 yards store bought +  23 Moda fabric + 5 yards of recycled fabric…

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