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I have just a bit of fabric in…yep, I hit up the thrift store.  Two pieces of fabric…fifty cents each.  Both are big enough to back a baby quilt so I grabbed them.  The blue gingham might get passed on the Binkie Patrol gals in my area.  The plaid…that’s staying with me as it would make an awesome back for a quilt make with shirts.


While I was at the thrift store I couldn’t pass up a couple other goodies.  Both again were fifty cents.  I like the cross stitch design and the thread colors.  I am not hot on the canvas that came with it.  I’ll use some other linen with it instead…still a deal at fifty cents.

Now I know you’re going to start laughing when I tell you about the bobbins.  I actually laugh about it myself when I think of what a dork I am.  I bought the Singer bobbin bunch but I don’t have a machine that they work with…silly I know.  BUT..the machine that my mom and dad bought me, my very first machine ever, used this kind of bobbin.  I LOVED that machine.  I no longer have the machine as it didn’t make it past 1992.  I want one and am on the hunt for one…someday one will cross my path and when I snap it up, I’ll have the bobbins to go with it…and if the machine never shows up, I’ll still have bobbins for it.


It’s this machine…I know you can’t see it very well but does anyone know what model of Singer it was???


That’s my niece sewing on it.  Yep, she’s sewing on paper.  My mom always gave the kids a sheet of paper to sew on at first.  She’d take the thread out and the first lesson was always to sew on the line on the paper.

Now back to the stash report…I did use fabric this week for the Square Dance quilt we had featured in Quiltmaker magazine this month.  If you missed it you can find it here.  I also finished my Double Wedding Ring quilt top.  I don’t count the yardage until it’s quilted but I thought you might want to see that if you missed it too.

Here’s the stash report numbers.

Used this Week:   13 yards

Used year to Date:  26 yards store bought +  15 Moda fabric + 5 yards of recycled fabric…

Today I am hooking up with Patchwork Times. last thing..Here’s a giveaway.

15 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I had one just like it. Mine was a Fashion Stitch. My mom had gotten one to make my sisters wedding dress in 1974. I liked it and got myself one. I don’t have It now.

  2. Joyce in Oregon

    Jo, I love your attitude. Build it and they will come! You’re meant to have that machine and have it you will.

  3. If it had the cams on top, it could have been a Singer Touch and Sew. My mom had that model. When I went to college, she bought me the same model; but, by then, the metal parts had been changed over to plastic. It didn’t last more than five years, so you might want to rethink buying one. :) Hers quit working a couple of years ago, and she really wanted another machine just like it as she didn’t think she could operate a different model at her age. I found one on Etsy from a repairman, but it soon had a problem with the bobbin area. The way the bobbins fill on that machine seems to be problematic. I took it to a local repair shop, but it still is not working right. I love the chair in the picture; we had one just like it. I remember my mom sitting by the stove on that chair stirring pudding. :)

  4. By buying the bobbins you have notified the universe that you want this machine in your life. Let us know how much time it takes before you own it. LOL.

  5. Hey, just got one of those machines last summer off a gal who had redone her bedroom and the cabinet and stool no longer matched! My daughter has made about a dozen pillow cases on it for ConKerr Cancer and it sew fairly well for its age! I bought one like it when I was a senior in high school and then sold it years later-now one has come back to me and I am enjoying messing with it now and then! (Touch and Sew model)

  6. From the picture, it looks like a Golden Touch and Sew. If you find one, be sure to try it out first. Some of the Touch and Sews have a bad rep. I’ve heard them called “Touch and Swear” and “Touch and Throw”. ;)
    And good for you to buy the bobbins when you saw them. They can be expensive to buy new.
    Good luck.

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