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Last week I ran to town to buy and extra kennel for Dixie, our foster dog.  Of course, I had to stop at the thrift store.  Honestly, I stop every single time I go to town.

I was pleasantly surprise…I spent very little and got this little pile of fabric scraps!


including these florals.


Andee from the Modern Diary has been working on her Floribunda quilt as part of the Bonnie Challenge.  That is a quilt I have always been wanting to do.  In fact, after seeing her’s I decided that I am going to start collecting florals to see if I can eventually get enough to make the quilt.  Even though the calico is a floral, I think I am sticking with the other types of florals.

There were also a couple stacks of already made quilt blocks….these…

and some antique ones.


I can’t decide what I should with the blocks…I think I need to make more and size them up to have enough for a quilt top.  I am guessing they might be from Turning Twenty design.  I think it could go together for a good charity quilt.  I’ll have to do some counting, sorting and figuring.


In the mix there are also a few other blocks that don’t match. I think it could go together for a good charity quilt.

I also picked up this piece of fabric plenty big enough for a quilt back.

I was really excited about was only fifty cents.  When I got home and was showing Hubby my deals I noticed this.

Apparently is was the backing to an old wool quilt.  UGH.  There’s a little hole in the fabric where the tie wasn’t trimmed.  After looking I saw another hole to.  Pooh.  I am going to take some time and check it out.  I might be able to salvage part of it.  Anyway with it all totaled…I spent $6.  Good deal right??  Yep..$6 for all the things I showed.  I love my thrift stores.

Used this Week:   0 yards store bought

Used year to Date:  187 yards store bought +  48.5 Moda fabric + 62.5 yards of recycled fabric…

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Each day counting down to Thanksgiving I write about something I am thankful for.  Today I am thankful for the thrift stores in my area.  Honestly, I buy very little new for the store at full price.  Growing up many of the kids’ clothes were from there too.  My pans in the cupboard, the fabric I sew with, the shirts Hubby wears, the magazines I read, the dish cloths I use…the majority comes from  our local thrift stores and Goodwill.  Without those thrift stores I likely wouldn’t have had the money to purchase a quilting machine.  Besides that…thrifting is a big part of my entertainment and I have lots of fun doing it!!

8 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Jo, your thrift store backing is beautiful. From what I can see on my monitor, the holes don’t look too bad. If the fabric were mine, what I might try to do is back the holes with iron on interfacing, putting a little piece of a like color fabric in if the hole if pretty large. Then sew the pieces to the interfacing by machine with an inconspicuous thread color. By the time you put some pretty close quilting on it, and it is washed and crinkly, probably even you would have a hard time finding the patches. I have used this technique with good success, but since I can’t see the actual condition of your fabric, don’t know if it would work for you. My thrift stores don’t have near the bargains that I see on blogs. Love seeing what everyone else comes home with.

  2. I have not developed the thrift store habit yet, but you continually inspire me, Jo. Love the florals. I have started a pair of twins in florals, using the old double wrench block. When set on point it looks like dots and dashes.

  3. Jo I have had great luck mending with applique, fussy cut cute motifs, or left over block from quilt. My sister got her feet to close to electric heater on burned a hole in her fav quilt. Cut out a cute lil’ snowman and appliqued on . Worked great.

  4. Great finds at your thrift store. Obviously someone else gets all the great finds at my local store because I’ve never seen any decent quilting fabric there. We do have a good supply of men’s shirts though for Bonnie’s shirting backgrounds.

  5. We have a favorite thrift shop we stop in every time we have our Saturday guild. They sell almost all their fabric for $1 a yard. My stash hasn’t been the same since we found that shop.

  6. You have the best thrift stores. I’ve never seen fabric in ours. And they are so over priced for what they do sell, I rarely go anymore. I have found some deals at yard sales occasionally. I love reading about your deals!

  7. I cannot figure out why your thrift store is 100s of times better than any I have been to. It is such a thrill to get what you can use at great prices. You find beautiful fabrics every time.

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