Stash Report…

I’ve been doing good staying away from fabric stores and haven’t bought much fabric at all except for a few thrift store finds…but this week, I caved.

I bought this…..


I am blaming it all on discovering Yoko Saito.  I recently got books that she wrote from both Stitch Publishing and Interweave.  I am in love with her projects and can’t wait to start a couple projects.  The only problem, she works in taupe toned fabrics and I have zero of that.  This little bundle should be enough to get me started.  I’ll be collecting more similar fabrics.

Watch in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be reviewing her books on our “Try it on Tuesday” segment.

I did get a quilt finished…a big one.  If you missed it, you can see it here.

Used this Week:   15 yards store bought

Used year to Date:  178 yards store bought +  48.5 Moda fabric + 56.5 yards of recycled fabric…

To see more stash reports, check out Patchwork Times.

Today I am grateful for having reliable vehicles.  We are doing a lot of traveling this weekend and having reliable vehicles that I can afford to put gas in the is really great.

5 thoughts on “Stash Report…”

  1. I always enjoy seeing what you and your daughters are up to. I have recently started working in those Japanese taupey-tans and grays. I find them very calming; maybe you will, too.

  2. I am grateful for generous quilt bloggers who share so much of themselves; their time, their talent, their passion, their worries and fears, and of course, recipes and patterns! Got Fair & Square border pieces pressed and cut apart from the chain piecing. Headed to an auction today to check out a Bel-Aire clone machine and and New Home treadle. . .

  3. I am grateful for all the time I was able to spend sewing this weekend. I am also amazed at how much fabric you are able to find in thrift stores! ! !

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