Stash Report

Kelli and I have booth been busy sewing-but not much to show for it.  I have two finished projects…the charity quilt you can see here….and the project in this box that you can’t see.  If you look carefully you can read the label and can watch for it to be published though.


We also bought some backing and binding for the other deadline quilt.  That quilt features a Moda Bella Solid and lots and lots and lots and lots of small squares.  We can’t wait for you to see it!!


Used this Week:   1/2 yards store bought (binding the charity quilt)

Used year to Date:  163 yards store bought +  48.5 Moda fabric + 56.5 yards of recycled fabric…

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  1. Not a stash report…but I love having your “Pumpkin Bread in a Jar ” on hand. We just opened a jar of peach bread that I had made November 2012…and it was still just like I had just baked it!! I do keep my jars in an extra refrigerator, but it is so nice to always have some on hand!

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