Stash Report….

It’s funny about Goodwill…either I hit the jack pot or there is very little fabric there.  This week was jack pot!

What a variety of goodies…right??

I immediately knew what I was doing with the chair fabric.  Kelli made another quilt for a nursing home resident and it’s going to be the backing.  There are three larger pieces on the bottom of the stack.  The white one with triangles is actually 54″ wide rather than 45″ wide.  There are LOTS of calico prints in the stack.  Some of those I am going to sneak in with my reproduction fabrics..others, I’m not sure.

I couldn’t resist the cute little fabric on top of the pile with the little kids on it.  It’s going to be a cute kids quilt someday…I just might use those green rolls of fabric right along with it.

I am to the point that I just need a day of cleaning and sorting in the sewing room.  I had done so good and not bought any old quilting magazines for a LONG time.  I even had a stack I had sorted out to get rid of..well, I bought more quilting magazines at the thrift store this week too…oh when will I ever learn to say no??  Please tell me someone else out there has the same old quilting magazine addiction that I have??  Better yet, is there a cure??

..oh and if there was fabric and quilting magazines at the thrift store…what else could someone have donated that’s quilting related?  If you guessed a sewing machine, you’re right…but I’ll save that story for tomorrow afternoon. Yep I did get myself into more trouble…

We did finish a quilt.  You can read more about it here.

So here’s the stash report…Thankfully I don’t count in fabric anymore….

Used this Week:   4 yards from Moda + 1yard store bought + 5 yards recycled

Used year to Date:  161 yards store bought +  48.5 Moda fabric + 51.5 yards of recycled fabric…

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6 thoughts on “Stash Report….”

  1. Great finds. I totally agree with you on thrift store finds. When it’s there, it’s there otherwise nothing. I went for the first time in weeks this week and found some great yardage. You’ve really got the jackpot wiht yours.

  2. I love my Good Will Hunting Adventures, but our “AS IS” store has been converted to an upscale Good Will. Still shopping there but much of the treasures of what a BUCK could buy are gone.

  3. I’ve decided that my old-magazine addiction will be cured when my heirs clean out the house. I still enjoy looking at my magazines, and every time I do, I see different things to like. I wonder why I bookmarked THAT page, when this OTHER page is so much more interesting this time. Some people tear out pages to save, but I never know what my future interests will be.

  4. Love your great haul. I wish my local Goodwills had fabric — period! I’ve resorted to buying large-size, full skirts and or dresses to get discounted fabric. =)

  5. My daughter got a hand-me-down dress made out of the little kid fabric (different print in that line) She has since outgrown it but I re-purposed the fabric for AG doll clothes. Absolutely adorable!

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