Stash Report

Goodwill was good to  me yet again.


The top cream piece is a yards worth and was 25 cents.  The white with gingham is 1 1/2 yards and was $1.50.  I thought the cream I can throw in with my other creams and absorb it.  The white and gingham I thought might be a good one for a baby quilt.  I have such trouble turning down a good deal.

We did have some fabric out this week.  I finished my Cactus Patch quilt that you can see here if you missed it.

Here’s my stash report.

Used this Week:   6 store bought + 7 yards recycled

Used year to Date:  85 yards store bought +  40.5 Moda fabric + 36.5 yards of recycled fabric…

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6 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. lynne quinsland

    great finds! the top one just makes me want to sing out “bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves, we will go rejoicing bringing in the sheaves!” LOL

    i love finding a great bargain too

  2. the gingham print is fantastic! and at that price, it would be a shame to leave it behind ;) I just clicked over to see your fabulous Cactus Patch quilt. congrats on a great finish!

  3. I enjoy reading about your keeping track of your stash! I don’t do that. I don’t buy regularly and there is never a sale on worth while, so I usually just make a list of what I need and watch Joann’s coupons and use 5-7 coupons at one time (go out and come back in if necessary!) and get just what I need on sale half price. I haven’t been on a fabric buying trip since February when I bought pinks for my daughters bargello I am making her! But..keep up the good work…I enjoy hearing about bargains!

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