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Believe it or not, I found another bag of fabric at the thrift store!


This one was only $1.50.  There were lots of other pieces in the bag but they were things I couldn’t use.  Those are being passed along  the ladies at church.  This is my usable pile.  All goodies and pieces that will work into scrap quilts.

I can’t believe the luck I have been having thrifting for fabric.  Previous to this year, I don’t think I have bought much at all.   Now that I have been finding things, I look even harder…maybe that’s why I am finding more.

Used this Week:   0 yards

Used year to Date:  57.5 yards  +  16.5 Moda fabric + 6 yards of recycled fabric…

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6 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. What a great find – I found one at a yard sale for $5 that included the carrier – which I still use. Like yours, a portion was unusable but what I could use probably totaled about $50. She was just looking to get rid of it. :-)

  2. Great find! I haven’t had good luck finding fabric at thrift stores, but I have had some great finds at garage sales – I once got a banker’s box of FQ’s for $5! One can’t help doing some stash enhancement at those bargain prices!

  3. Pat C in Washingon

    I have been really lucky (?) in that word has spread at work that I am the go-to gal if you have had a relative pass away with a basement full of fabric. I sew quilts for charity and I always need more fabric, and “free” is in my price range. I will take it all, no questions asked, and do all the sorting for the bereaved family. That has meant sometimes I get garbage bags full of polyester fabric in colors never imagined by Mother Nature, and some stuff so badly soiled and stinky it just goes directly to the dump. But I have had real treasure-troves too: one time I got 4 or 5 big heavy bags and they were full of long lengths of high quality solid-color fabric that was great for quilt backs. Sometimes I even get UFOs that just need a little work and they can be turned into a quilty hug for a needy child. Win-win.

  4. I am trying to be very good and not buy anything extra because we will be moving the 1st week in June. But your purchases sure look tempting!

  5. My best thrift store fabric purchase was for $2.00. I purchased 6 yards of cotton–pale blue with a small blue star–all in one piece. I always check for fabric when I go thrift shopping. I’ve also found a couple of worthwhile kits for not too much money. These are very pretty fabrics! Have fun using them!

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