Stash Report

Kelli and I spent Saturday reorganizing all of the scrap fabric that has made it’s way to my house.   Armed with totes, we went to work.


The hardest part was coming up with a plan….sort by color…sort by size.


After talking and trying to figure it out, we went with…

LARGE totes for Civil War reproduction fabrics.  A tote was designated for the following strip sizes:  1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ and 3 1/2″.  We mixes other darker colored scraps with them.

Small totes were assigned to each bright color.   These were not organized by size, but by color.

I am sure you might be wondering why the difference.  Well…this is our reasoning.  Our favorite quilts that use darker colors are Bonnie Hunter patterns….she sorts by size.  If we would want to make a quilt in brights, they seem to be focused more around colors…so we sorted by color.  We’ll have to cut what we need when the time comes.

I can say, my sewing room is cleaned up and ready for some sewing time.

Used this Week:   1 yards +  12 yards recycled

Used year to Date:  66.5 yards  +  16.5 Moda fabric + 18 yards of recycled fabric…

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  1. I recently re-organized my craft room and made it a nice open airy sewing room…. it feels great, doesn’t it? Glad you were able to do some re-organizing and cannot wait to see what you create! Have fun.

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