Stash Report…

New fabric came in but I did complete some projects so fabric went out to.

Helen from the Cresco quilt guild gifted me a bag of batik goodies.  When she asked if I wanted some batik scraps, I certainly never anticipated a BIG BAG FULL…


THANKS so much Helen.  I’ve been wanting to make a batik crumb quilt but don’t have crumbs to make one.  People have been gifting some to me so before long, that batik crumb quilt is going to happen,but for now, I am still plugging away on my UFOs.

On Friday I stopped that the thrift store in Decorah.  I had TWO wonderful finds.  I got this suitcase with wheels on the bottom.  I am going to use it to transport my sewing machine to class and or for teaching.  It’s fully cushioned.  Just to check for size, I put my featherweight, Betty in.  For $1.50, it was a bargain.


I also picked up this GIANT bag of scraps…Well fabric as many of the pieces are actually beyond scrap sized.  Any guesses on how much I paid for it?


If you guess was $3, you were right.  What a deal?!!?  The bag is the size of a large comforter!!

I had a bad day on Friday so getting these great finds helped balance it out.  I love my thrift store..

Unfortunately, I can’t show the projects as they are scheduled for publication.  I did give you a sneak peak of the baby quilt and a sneak peak of the magazine quilt here.

I have had LOTS of questions about the tumbler quilt…I will get to all of them once I have it finished.  I do have a backing sewn together so it’s closer to finished.

Here are my numbers…

Used this Week:   12.5 yards

Used year to Date:  45 yards  +  16.5 Moda fabric + 6 yards of recycled fabric…

To see what others are working doing on their stash reports, check out Patchwork Times.

4 thoughts on “Stash Report…”

  1. What a great find. Love the cushioned bag, as much as I think I should have one, I don’t go anywhere with my machine. And that bag of fabrics looks so tempting, have fun with it.

  2. Boy, that bag of scraps is enough to send goosebumps up and down the spine of any quilter!
    I’m sorry you had a bad day on Friday – praying for you.
    I loved seeing your sneak peaks – thanks for that. Looking forward to the finished projects!
    Blessings, Donna

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