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Well I have fabric out this week… WEE-HAW!!!

If you missed it, I had a quilt that was featured on Moda Bake Shop.  You can see it here.  There’s a great giveaway of a fat quarter bundle from Fat Quarter Shop going on there too so you might want to check that out.

I also finished my Nine in the Middle Quilt.  You can see that here.

I have some fabric in too.  This goody pack isn’t being counted now.

Kelli and I have a quilt that has been accepted for publication and these are some of the fabrics.  When we have quilts like that, I don’t mix the fabric with my stash.  In the end, I just count the fabric in and out once the project is published.

I got the center of Easy Street #2 finished and needed borders.  I went to two different quilt shops to find fabric and this is what I am settling with.  Sadly, places are carrying fewer Civil War prints so there isn’t as much to choose from.

I didn’t have the quilt with, so I ended up buying two pieces…the green and the blue.  If I choose the blue, there isn’t enough for matching binding.  I took all that they had and finished the bolt.

Any advice….I have two options there for narrow border, the pink or the gray.  There are two options there for outer border…the blue or the green.  Let me know what you think and while you’re at it, give me binding choices too.    I love hearing all your opinions.

Here’s the stash report…

Used this Week:   13.5 yards  +  13.5 Moda
Used year to Date:  13.5 yards  +  13.5 Moda

Added this Week:   4.5 yards
Added Year to Date:    4.5 yards + (13.5 from Moda)

Net Used for 2012:  9 Yards of store bought fabric…0 yards of recycled fabric…

To see what others are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

P.S.  I love going to church on Saturday night so that Sunday is free to quilt a quilt….that’s what I am off to do!


38 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I love the pink for the inner border on your Easy Street #2. Can’t decide on blue or green for the outer–either would look good. Love your quilts!

  2. I really like the pink as your first border, use the blue as your large border and then bind with the green. another choice would be to do three borders – 3″ of blue (finished size) – then a scrappy center border – then use the 3″ blue – and bind either scrappy or with the green. – Love the quilt by the way!

  3. Pink inner border with blue outer border. The blue outer border balances this quilt. The green would just make it a ‘green’ quilt and you would lose the pink and blue contrast. Binding could just be a solid blue that matches your print.

  4. I think the gray is too dull for the inner border. I’d chose pink for the inner. No opinion on the outer border. I think either the green or blue would work.

  5. I like the pink for the inner border and the blue for the outer border. The blue will balance out the green in the quilt center. For the binding I would look for a plaid or a stripe that is a combination of the colors.

  6. Ok, here is mine – pink inner border and green outer. The top reads pink and green to me, and those would complete it nicely. There isn’t enough blue in the top for a blue border to “pull” it out. Maybe the binding should be the same, or another green. I generally like a fabric that isn’t in the top for the binding, but not always!

  7. i think pink for the inner border. I think i would go blue for the outer border as it would balance the colors out a bit. If you go the green it will definately be a green quilt.

  8. I like pink for the inner, but I think you need blue for the outer. I agree with Heather – green would make it too green and you would lose your blue accent.

  9. I love the pink and blue. You could use the green (or grey) for binding, if you have enough. The pink helps to bring out the colors in the blocks, and I just love blue, and don’t like green. The green does look good with the pink, though. You have my permission to use it if you prefer green, lol. Have fun! I do love your blog.

  10. My opinion is the pink and the green and then bind in the green also, but that is just what I would do. Good for you for the finish and the top. . .my Easy Street is waiting to become blocks.

  11. What a difficult decision. The pink and green carries the overall dominant colors into the borders. You can use the blue for the binding. This way you have the same proportions of colors used; small pink border, larger green border, blue binding.

  12. How about pink on the inner border, blue as the outer border and grey for your binding. In the picture it appears as though your blue is a greyish blue so maybe that could be brought back in on the binding. Very lovely color choices on both you Easy Street quilts. I just got mine together and need to add borders.

  13. i agree, pink for the inner border and green for the outer border/binding. if there’s not enough of the green left for binding, then go with the blue for the binding.

  14. I think the blue would be great as an inner border, then use the green as an outer border and binding. I think framing the quilt in the blue will make it pop. Jess

  15. Is blue inner border and green outer border an option? I think that would make a great impact! And who says the bindings have to match the borders? You can use any of your colors for binding!

  16. I like the pink for the inner border & the blue for the outer border, then I think a black tone on tone would be a good binding. GREAT quilt.

  17. I love the contrast of this quilt, and in keeping with that, I would use the pink inner border, green outer border, and bind in the blue. It’s a really great version of Easy Street! Best wishes!

  18. I love the color of this Easy Street quilt! Great job! I would go with the pink and green borders with blue for binding, maybe. Or a darker gray. It’s hard to tell from a photo. Whatever you pick, the quilt will look fantastic!

  19. Pink for the inner border, grey doesn’t have enough contrast. Green for the outer border and green for the binding. The blue could be a second choice for binding if you like contrasting bindings, and the blue would be in a smaller proportion, just as in the quilt top body. I agree that your quilt body seems to be a green/pink quilt, so those two colors for the border choices seem to best enhance your quilt top. Your quilts always look great, so I know whatever your decision, it will look great. I had similar decisions to make with my Easy Street, and ended up going in a totally different direction that my first thots. The quilt was better for it. My DH came up with the better idea! I used 1840’s repro prints (blues, plums, greys, tans, blacks). The quilt is the opposite of Bonnie’s colors (greyed and antique) so I worried about how it would look. Looks great, as does yours. Now, going to see your other fabulous quilts.

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