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It’s been ages since I have a stash report.  I don’t buy any fabric anymore.  I don’t get out much at all.

I have been to the thrift store a time or two but they don’t have fabric anymore. They have extra volunteers who have made masks working and I think the fabric gets set aside for them.  BUMMER.  I used to love thrifting for fabric and have been a little sad that there is none to be had anymore.

When Kelli, Kayla, and I went to Spring Green Wisconsin to Country Sampler, read about it HERE if you missed it, we stopped at a garage sale.

The lady there had two boxes of quilting related stuff.  She sold them both to me for $6.  It was a good deal.  Here’s what I got.

These are all perfect for binding.  All are between one and two yards each.

This was fun…yellow, white, and gray scraps.  These are perfect to go with some other scraps I have in the same color family.

So you remember me making Kalissa and Craig’s wedding quilt?  This one….

I wish I had taken better and more photos.  UGH.
Anyway, I have scraps from that and if I add these scraps to it, I’d have enough for a quilt.

You can read more about that quilt HERE.

These batting pieces and the fleece I’m sending along to the Cresco ladies.  They are always looking for batting.

There were a bunch of hunting and camouflage fabrics I’m sending their way too.

All in all, it was a nice bunch of goodies for $6.  I think I can put them all to good use.

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