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A bit ago I told you all that I wanted to make a quilt using this fabric….

It was a Walmart fat quarter only fabric.  I originally bought it because I thought it was so stinking cute…and I love dogs.  My intention was to make a quilt for the Humane Society benefit with it.

Then I got thinking about making a graduation quilt with it….

Then I thought of this pattern.

The problem was I didn’t have enough of the dog print fabric.  So…I said something to all of you and WHAM.  I got more fabric just like that.

Someone messaged me and said someone on Ebay had 4 fat quarters.  I immediately went and bought them.  Then some came in my mail….

I ended up with this…

My problem…I don’t know who all sent me fabric so I can’t thank them.  AGH!!!!!!!!  I’m so bummed.  Here’s how it happened.  I had the notes and envelopes on my kitchen counter.  One pile was blog readers who sent money for the postage fund..the other was of people who sent fat quarters.

When I’m at the computer working on the blog I wear reading glasses.  When I’m moving about, I use my regular glasses.

Last week I wrote the “in the mail post” I picked up the envelopes and wrote about the people who sent money to help with postage (which I so appreciate).  Then I took the letters set them on the island, made the deposit for the money and set that aside to take to the bank the next time I took Rosie on a walk.  I ended up getting distracted and doing something else.  I was still wearing my reading glasses.  I was lazy and didn’t exchange my glasses as I thought I was only going to be away from the computer for a second.  Well then I went to the bathroom and after that the phone rang.  I was distractedly talking to Kelli and tidying while I talked.  I ended up throwing the wrong pile of notes in the garbage because when I went to write this post, there were the notes from the blog readers who had sent postage donations but the notes and envelopes from the people who sent fabric were gone. Oh my word.  I’m so embarrassed.  THANK YOU so much to the people who sent fabric.  Someone sent me a note and asked if I got their package..I said no.  Now I’m wondering if that person sent fabric.  Oh my.  One would think if I wasn’t doing childcare I could keep all this straight.  I guess not.  I’m so sorry and greatly appreciate the fabric.

Well I ended up using my Bella Solids card and found a matching black.  I ordered it and it came.

Then a blog reader contacted me and told me Whittles had some fabric they thought would work for a border for the quilt.  I agreed but didn’t order it right away.  I went to order if two days later the striped print was the only one they had left.  I don’t know if that will be a border or part of a backing or the binding or some combination.

…and honestly, I now don’t even know if I’m going to use that pattern.  A week or two ago I reposted this pattern that we designed for Moda Bake Shop several years ago….

I started wondering if maybe I’d rather make this pattern.  I have to check and see if this would make better use of the fabric.

…and then I found this that I had designed.

Hmm.  I just don’t know what I want to do now with the fabric.  I need to finish cleaning my sewing room and then I’m making a decision.  What do you all think?  What would you make?

20 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I made a quilt very similar to Slide Show. I used Kaffe fabrics that were 10” squares. His prints are always big and it really showed off the large prints. It’s hard to tell how big your print is but it’s so cute I wouldn’t want it cut too small. I am sure you have lots of other bright, fun fabrics that would go with your feature fabric. Just my thoughts. Whatever you make will be adorable! I hope you post the finished quilt!

  2. I would stick with Slide Show. I think it will be great with those little squares being bright solids in colors matching the colors in the feature fabric. The stripes will be perfect for binding. I love stripes for binding and use them whenever I can.

  3. Stearns Carol

    Slide show, you can get 4 9″ blocks from those fat quarters. Or lots of 5″ blocks. Whatever you choose will be cute.

  4. I guess its unanimous – Slideshow.
    Funny thing – I always second guess myself when starting a quilt. Then I go back to the original thought and am completely happy with it. I think we all do that!
    Love and prayers

  5. You sound similar to me – I think I know exactly what I will make from certain fabric and then see a different pattern and wonder if that would be better! Ha! I am sure whichever pattern you use, it will be beautiful. The colors are so vivid and pretty.

  6. I agree with the others. I would use the Slideshow pattern. The stripe fabric would make wonderful binding.

  7. Kimberly Clark

    I LOVE the garden girl, but I’m wondering how the doggie print will show up in that. I have to agree with the other that the slide show would really show your doggie print fabulously!!! I can see why this decision is a hard one. But whatever you decide it will be great!

  8. I look forward to seeing what you make but I must comment on that striped fabric, its perfect for the doggie fabric, great find for sure.

  9. LaNan Eldridge

    I really like making the slide show pattern. Really makes a focus pattern pop! Have fun cleaning your sewing room!!

  10. the original plan seems best to me. Truly you are the professional so it seems ridiculous for me to say anything. God Speed.

  11. Judith Fairchild

    I like the pattern you designed. Slide show 2nd. Those puppies need to shine. Enjoy the whole thing from planning to binding. I know a few pet lovers who would want this instantly

  12. I keep returning to Slide Show as my favorite pattern for your dog fabric and that great striped border fabric. The pattern seems a bit more modern and simple to allow the bright colors to really shine, and will be a good choice for a graduation quilt. Whichever you choose, we’ll expect to see a photo of the finished quilt!

  13. For a graduation quilt, Slideshow. It has a younger vibe than the other 2. In addition I feel the other 2 are too fussy for the fabric.

  14. Pris Phillips

    I agree with everyone else… Slide Show is perfect! Striped binding! The Garden Girl is a beautiful pattern but I think it would be better done in petty florals. I’m afraid the “flower” shape of the blocks wouldn’t showcase your doggy fabric as well. Your new pattern is really fun and needs a less busy focus fabric for the pattern to shine. The doggy fabric is busy, so I think you need a simple pattern for the dogs to shine, and less busy (or smaller) prints for your new pattern. There. All solved for you! Haha! Seriously, that fabric is adorable!

  15. Can I just say how gracious you are?! I’m sure the blog readers would all agree with me. You are truly a breath of fresh air in a sometimes not so fresh world. Thank you for neighbors your honest, lovely self.

  16. What is the name of this dog print fabric? I would like to locate some for my grandson’s quilt. He is 4 and loves puppies. I made the Dogs in Sweaters for him and thought some of this on the back might be cute.

  17. Slide Show! It’s the simplest pattern and because there are not a lot of other fabrics, the fussy cut dogs will shine.

  18. Barbara Firesheets

    Hi Jo. So glad you’ve been able to get more of your dog fabric to make your quilt. I like your original pattern choice. I think it would really show off the dog print nicely. Looking forward to seeing your quilt come together.

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