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You might remember a bit ago I told you that I was finally going to use this fabric.  
I was making a graduation quilt for someone and thought this fabric…and this pattern would be perfect together….

The problem….I couldn’t find the pattern in my house.  I’ve made it several times.  I know I wouldn’t have gotten rid of it.  I thought I borrowed it to Kelli but she said no…UGH.  So I bought the pattern again.

At the time I thought I would have all the time in the world and not be sewing masks like it was my full time job.  I was so excited about a new project.  I thought I might use black where the cream fabric is…I thought those little boxes would really POP if I did.

So…I ordered the black fabric.

Now that the pattern is here and the fabric is here.  I got it out and read through it all.  I was thinking I wouldn’t put a border on the quilt and make extra blocks.  UGH.  I don’t have enough dog fabric.

I bought the fabric as fat quarters from Wal-Mart probably five years ago.  I bought 8…but alas, it’s not enough.

I searched a bit and can’t find it online. I was hoping Etsy or somewhere might have it but so far… no luck.

I messaged Kelli and told her my voes.  She said she is sure she has a couple fat quarters.  Hmm.  That will help.  I might end up having to put a border on the quilt.  I can’t quite imagine what fabric would mix with black and the bright colored dogs.  UGH.  I thought I had this all figured out but I really don’t.

I have eight fat quarters right now…The pattern calls for 15..and that’s with the border that I’d actually like to not put on.

I’d like to at least be single bed sized.

The center blocks are 8 x 8 which makes terrible use of a fat quarter.  Alas…

I’ve been thinking maybe I could just put a few large solid print blocks in the mix.  That might be okay.  I guess I’m on a waiting game to see what Kelli has…and I’m done sewing masks.

While I was at Atkinson Designs to get the Slideshow pattern, this jumped into my cart.  I have an idea for this too.  I have some fireman fabric…not a lot but some.  I’m wondering if I have enough to make a quilt for the fireman breakfast next March.  We’ll have to see.

If any of you have any suggestions, or a fat quarter of the fabric that you don’t mind parting with, please leave a comment.

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  1. That’s just what I was thinking…that you might have to alternate colorful blocks with the dog fabric in order to have enough. If I had some, you’d be welcome to it.

    Love the Atkinson patterns.

  2. I pieced a sweet 6” dog from Lori Holt’s first book…you could border it? (Pieced it when our Rottweiler-Shepherd, Yukon, rescue…passed last August. We were devastated. The colors I used reflected his coloring!

  3. has a couple prints in black background that might work well with the dog print fabric. Check out paws, happy bones, stars black, and joy dots. All four of these come in a black background. I also think you idea of interspersing solid squares would work quite well and certainly gives you control over selecting “just the right color”.

  4. I would carefully cut the fat quarters into the large squares and use some solids or other fabrics for the little blocks. I have made a quilt like this called Film at Five. It’s a free pattern on Wedding Dress Blue blogspot. I think her pattern is a bit more scrappy……. Thus would be a great lap quilt for a child too. My gd loves to use hers on the couch.

  5. What about using the dog fabric for the big blocks (you should be able to get 4 from each FQ) and using solids or tone-on-tones in the bright colors for the little squares in the sashing?

  6. Good Morning Jo,
    Even though it is an older fabric, I bet someone has it in their stash. I put out an SOS on my Facebook page for friends to be on the lookout for it. Just maybe someone has it in their stash. You just never know. The fabric is called : Loveable Pups Poodle Pound Puppies (Fabric 18 x 21 Inches). I looked online as well to no avail. Your readers have always come through for you, so just maybe, someone has it in their stash and it will make it’s way to you! Hoping you have a great Sunday!

  7. Like others have stated, you can get four 8” x 8” squares from each FQ. Since you have ten FQ now, counting Kelli’s, that makes 40 blocks. Is that enough big squares to make a twin size? Then you can use several colorful bright solids to make the sashing. I would use the same brights to make a piano key border. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  8. I just finished a quilt in Marching Band and am pleased with how it turned out. My nephew was in the college marching band so I made it in his school colors. Lots of great ideas above for that quilt!

  9. I would make a lap size as the graduate would like anything from you. And use some solid brights in the pattern. I personally would not use Wal-Mart fabric for something that might get or may not get washed a lot.

  10. Jo, If I’m not mistaken, that dog fabric came from Walmart and was only sold in fat quarters. I have a piece, not a whole fat quarter, but enough you can get a few more pieces for your quilt. I’ll drop it in the mail to you tomorrow.

  11. Me again Jo,
    I live just 1 1/2 miles from a Walmart. If you would like, I could take a run in there tomorrow when I’m out and see if I can pick up some more for you. Let me know. I have to go out anyway, and it’s right on the way to my destination.

    1. Anita thanks but I’m sure it’s not in stores anymore. I bought it several years ago. I’d love the piece you have if you can spare it.

  12. How about throwing in a few blocks with the paw prints, maybe a few others that are dog-related?
    It’s going to be a lovely graduation gift! You can do it – its what we quilters do, stretching the resources as our past generations did, and making it work out beautifully. Love reading your blog !

  13. There are some really cute black background dog related fabrics on Betsy and eBay. I saw a multicolored paw prints on black and the same with bones. You could mix those in.

  14. Someone posted two of the dog FQ’s on FB Fabric Destashing for $1 each, 15 minutes ago, but someone beat me to them! Ugh!

  15. I would start picking out bright (read as) solids and use them in the small blocks and for extra big blocks. If you don’t want to use a border, I think you could get by with using 8 more big blocks. It looks like a 5 inch border to me. You could put a tiny 2 inch scrapy border on in place of the 5 inch border to bring it out to full twin size. Bind with black then. You will have to pull out a pencil and do the math from the pattern but it shouldn’t be to hard.

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