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This stash report is more about cross stitch and less about quilting.   Last fall I had a little talk with myself.  I had been accumulating cross stitch stuff at a faster rate than I was stitching.  That had to stop as I didn’t want a repeat of my sewing room.  I love my sewing stash but seriously, it can be almost overwhelming at times and I didn’t want my cross stitch stuff to feel overwhelming too.  Happily I belong to a couple Facebook cross stitch groups and there are often ladies on there lamenting about never being able to stitch all the cross stitch things they have.  It serves me as a gentle reminder to watch how much I buy.

Anyway…I told myself no more buying until I actually finish a few things.  Well…I’ve finished a few things lately…

First this….

Then this….

All of that has been finished in the last few weeks.  I’m actually so impressed with myself.

I then finished this…

and this…
I’m feeling a lot better about finishing projects and I’ve been working in a little more stitching time.  I love that.

So..I needed something to stitch.  I decided I wanted to do this series.

I’ve mentioned them before and a kind blog reader gifted the fall version of this to me.  I think there is enough time left that I thought I could still squeeze this in before full fledged spring.  It’s from Little House Needleworks.  It’s a spring version….

Image result for little house needleworks spring abc's

I already had the chart for the summer version….

Image result for little house needleworks summer abc's
I know where I want to hang them once I get them done…So my treat was…thread for both the summer and the spring pattern.  Now I need to get stitching….and start thinking of something to frame them with.  I am going to look up the measurements and write the downThen when I’m thrifting, maybe I can come up with something that will work.

I didn’t go with the colors that were suggested.  I went to Priscilla’s blog and
decided to go with her colors instead.

…and being I was ordering, I did treat myself and Kelli to this…

It’s thread and cloth to make this…

Heartstring Samplery  Pins & Orts image 0
Kelli had the pattern but I wanted to stitch it too so bought the pattern.

Life can be so hard.  I want to stitch all of the things…I want to quilt all of the things.  Oh troublesome.  I am going to try to keep things that way…no new patterns in unless a few get finished.  I think that’s fair and helps me to only pick things I REALLY want to stitch.


6 thoughts on “Stash Report…”

  1. Your cross stitch pieces are lovely Jo. You have gotten a lot finished. I cross stitch too but go in spurts; need to get my project back out. Thanks for the needed push.

  2. Cheryl in St. Paul

    Incredible amount of beautiful finishes! I love the clever ways you frame them, too. Kudos, Jo!

  3. It is so hard to be a maker at times. I finally did a huge purge of patterns and materials for random projects after I came across an article that talked about our real selves vs our fantasy selves. Meaning for me that I asked the question of myself, is this something I am keeping around because I will actually do/ make it, or is it my fantasy self talking, and I will never actually make time for it. Very freeing.

  4. Your cross stitch is beautiful and the finishing even more so.
    I know what you mean about having too many patterns and probably never finish them. I’m like that with freebies that I find on the web or SALs. But, they keep me busy and out of trouble. ;-)
    Love and prayers

  5. I love your cross stitch projects–I have a large one that I work on when we go on long car trips.
    I also love how you mounted the be thankful one on the layers of fabric on the clipboard. What do you call that, and is there a tutorial for it somewhere? I thought I had saved a tutorial, but can’t seem to find it. I made a paper pieced lego santa for my future daughter in law and what to finish it that way.
    Thanks so much!

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