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Oh my…Remember when I went to Lacrosse back on February 10th to start my doctor saga again?  Well when I went I met up with Sally from Denim Quilts.  (Read more about Denim Quilts HERE)  Sally is so sweet and came upon fabric and was happy to share.

When she called, I never imagined she’d be bringing so much fabric.  Seriously, it was a lot.  I love it.  Sally said if there were a few pieces I wanted to keep to feel free but also feel free to donate it on.  That’s exactly what I did.

I did some sorting color wise and fabric style wise.

I’m setting a few of these aside to go with some of the UFO projects of Roxanna’s in case I need a little more fabric to finish them.  I really want to make another of this quilt…

Carver was helping me sort.  He was doing some folding.  It was so cute.  I love when he “helps” me.
He laid this piece out on the floor then asked for my camera.  It was his favorite piece and wanted to take a picture of it like I was taking pictures of fabric….how cute, sorry about the blurry picture.

I sorted these to keep and work with….

Don’t they just look happy??  I was excited for the orange pile.  I was hunting for orange to make a few more rows on the quilt I was making and really struggled to find some.  I guess orange isn’t a color I use a lot.  This will be helpful.

Notice the big pile of calicos.  Oh my, I am going to have to get to these someday.  For now my plate is full and they are on the back burner but someday…these calicos are going to be a something!!

What a fun time sorting fabric!  Thanks so much Sally.  It made my day to have something fun to think about and do.

5 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. I have been blessed with lots of fabric over the years. Some of it is still waiting its turn, but isn’t it funny how some will just perfect to go in a project you start and don’t have that “just right” piece!

  2. One day I brought home a large reusable grocery bag full of fabric scraps. I set it down in the living room and took the ones with groceries in them on to the kitchen. Now, my 1yr & 2yr old granddaughters know they aren’t supposed to get into Granny’s totes. They were so tickled pulling out all the scraps, examining them, waving them around. Such delicious fun when you think you are pulling one over on Granny. I got an hour of uninterrupted kitchen time while they thought they were so sneaky. Good thing they never caught me peeking at them, I wouldn’t have been able to get the smile off my face to look stern. ;-)

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