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It was a thrift store day for me again…  I told you that I’ve really been trying to not spend as much when I go. It isn’t all about money…it’s about STUFF.  I don’t need ALL OF THE STUFF.

The older I get in life the more I realize that STUFF doesn’t make me happy.  The thing that makes me happiest is time.  If I have more time, I can do more things and I can have more time if I don’t have so much STUFF!  I feel another purge coming on here in the house.  I don’t think I’m terrible as far as having a lot of stuff (Except the sewing room) but I could still easily narrow down and have less stuff.  But at this point, being I don’t have time to purge, buying less could help me with my want to have less.

I keep trying to remind myself of this when I go to the thrift store….buy less.

I bought a few books.  The kids like playing school so I found the Dick and Jane books.  The Pizza that we Made is so cute….we’ve read it a few times already.  I love having books like these and then making pizza with the kids….and the puppy book?  Well for how crazy Georgia is about puppies, it was a must have.

The other book in the stack was this one….

Karl has been saying he’d like to know more about carving.  I know it says “carving for kids” but if you’ve not carved before, like Karl, I’m sure he can get some very basic information from the book.  Any carvers out there with some good resources I could share with Karl?

I also caved and bought a church cookbook.  UGH.  This was my “I probably should have left it there purchase but am so happy I didn’t”.  I LOVE church cookbooks.  LOVE!!  I love trying new recipes.  I especially love them when the recipes are from people I know.  Some people in the book are grandma’s of my childcare kiddos…

so..I bought it.  I’m hoping that I used it.  I’ve already spent a couple nights reading recipes..YES, reading recipes is another quirky thing I enjoy.  Hopefully I’ll be making a few of them soon.

…and then there was fabric.They didn’t have a lot and it was priced a little higher than normal but that’s okay.  The thrift store that I go to is run on donations.  Any money made that is profit is put back into the community so I never care what the price is as I know the money is given back.  I bought my Singer 301 there.  It was $100 which is a little more than I might have spent but I didn’t care for the same reason-  The money goes back into the community.


My kids got my treadle machine there too.  Again, it was more expensive than I might have spent but the money goes back into the community.

Oops…I got side tracked.  The fabric was this…

Each was 50 cents each.  They were a minimum of a 1/4 yard each.  Most were 1/2 or more.

The childcare kiddos loved this owl print.
I ended up stopping at the Goodwill too.  I haven’t been there in months.  I used to stop all the time but typically I don’t find much and often it’s over priced.

I did find something this day….this.

It is a nice chambray and I’m super happy with it.    I didn’t know how much fabric was in the roll.  It turns out there are 2 yards but it’s 60″ wide.  That means it’s 60″ x 72″.
I’m super happy with it.  I could be a backing for a lap quilt or baby quilt.  For $3, I’m willing to hold onto it for awhile.

So…there were my purchases.  That was so fun.  I think it’s so funny that I hate shopping by love thrifting.  There is such a big difference between the two.

I bought one more thing but that is getting its own blog post…

9 thoughts on “Stash Report”

  1. Good fabric finds at the thrift store! Jo you are becoming a minimalist! I have become one except for my sewing room but even then I have bought no new fabric except at thrift stores. We move a lot for my hubby’s job so it is easy for me to get rid of things. I too want more time so I have less to dust, organize and own. I have also had to clean up my mother’s house after her passing and my MIL house when we moved her to assisted living. I would not wish that on anyone!

  2. Jo- my husband is a woodcarver, and HIGHLY recommends watching YouTube videos by a gentleman called Doug Linker, to anyone interested in learning to carve. The basswood you buy in the craft stores is horrible and will discourage a new carver quicker than anything. The best basswood for carving comes from Wisconsin, so ask where it was sourced when you get it. Heinecke wood products is the best source, and has excellent prices, but no online ordering- you place your order by phone, they ship it with an invoice and you pay after delivery. Also, when carving you need to wear a Kevlar or Filet glove on your non dominant hand. (The one that holds the project) this will save many trips to see the “Blue Nurses”

  3. My students in Children’s Literature classes often read a book entitled _Becoming Naomi Leon_. The main character carves things from bars of soap, and later in the book, from vegetables (radishes, specifically, for a festival in Mexico). I’ve always thought that kids might enjoy that–it doesn’t require such sharp knives. Your childcare kids might like it (at least the older ones).

  4. Jo,
    I’m not sure how far you are from Decorah, but my son is teaching green wood carving at the Vesterheim folk center sometime in the next few weeks. I am biased, but I can say he is a good teacher. He has been to several countries teaching his craft. He has quite a following. His name is Alexander Yerks. He will also be at the North House folk school in Grand Marais, Minnesota this spring also. He is on instagram. @alex_yerks. or on his website

  5. I am another Church Cookbook collector and reader. I does help if you go to the same store to find your treasures. Happy Treasure Hurting.

  6. This post made me envy and chuckle all at once. I envy your ability to find amazing fabrics at your thrift shop…I have not found ANY…but I keep my eyes open. I’m a lover of church cookbooks – and I share your quirkiness related to enjoying reading them.

    Have a great week!

  7. Paula Hidalgo

    I’m with you, hate shopping, love thrift stores! I have even turned my grandgirls into thrifters! I also love church cookbooks, they usually have simple recipes with common ingredients. Great finds for your thrift adventure!

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